Since 2002
Works in REICHSTETT France

The digital “undo”

My initiative consists of diverting, dismantling, meddling, shifting, revisiting the digital medium "from the inside" in order to produce useless, ironic, unusual objects or systems, by questioning the strategies and the segregated automatisms imposed by the current computing standards.

The objective is to question this medium, with the aim of reinventing a creative space by going further than the pre-existent, preconceived and preprogrammed while offering an experiment with the machine, different from its initial use.
Therefore, I would globally summarize my research as trying to investigate and to dislocate the systems and the peripherals by exteriorizing, extrapolating and short-circuiting their underlying mechanisms under the shape of artistic, playful, humorous and improbable objects.

The points of focus or extrapolations are diverse and can generate from the vocabulary, the manipulation, the equipments, the protocols, from one idea, from the conventional computing world, from my own real life, or the fantasies conveyed by an over publicized digital aura and the contiguous paradigms.

Besides, the diverse methodologies I use can be associated to do-it-yourself, to diversion and refer to a certain philosophy of hijacking and "hacking". So, they send back to previous and contemporary artistic postures which were always a basis for the artistic gesture as a creative reaction to the attempts of standardizing the world.

My "re-programming" of "new technologies" would then be similar to iconoclastic projects of diversion and\or recuperation which affected the world of machines since the advent of the industrial era. These hackings also act as a revaluation of absurdity which is for me a fertile track in a field dominated by reason. So, “desanctify” norms such as they appear to the majority of the users is also a means "to take back control" of tools which have become very mysterious and distant and at the same time intimate and indispensable.

So, to undo, to disintegrate, to dismantle, to deconstruct, to elude, to free, to destabilize, to dismember, to leave common paths, to rename, to clear, to disassemble, to unblock, to unleash, to untangle, to move, to decode, to discover, to push the limits, to describe, to decipher, to multiply tenfold, to divide into halves, to weaken, to straighten, to discriminate, to degrade, to unmask appear as so many synonyms and tracks for my practice of diversion.