Since 2005
Works in San Angelo United States of America

Seeking meaning through the ambiguous world of art visuals perhaps started when I was very young. I remember setting my eyes upon layers upon layers of rain water stains in a fixation as I layed on my back in early infancy. Could this have related to unleashing my predisposition with archetypal psyche-set wiring? the things implanted in I Am Inclusive at the dawn of time? When in the process of creating art or writing in spontaneous modes, I like to think that I find my mind baffled into back-stage silence setting myself paradoxically out of my own way.

In Earth Land, it is my delight to share through a projective visual portal or gateway constructed with an ever rising "ing" like rings on rungs singing, like notes with winded words thundering form from the undefined depths unique to each and thus tangible to all.

Such is found in dreaming meaning as an ever-higher resource ever-filling, overflowing with emotional contents incubated like seer keys free in gifts that we could not not have: Now is the time to awaken in a world without end, so be so be...