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In basic terms, the best fat burning workout is any workout that burns the most fat from your body over the period of time you have for your workout.

While working out at a low intensity, such as walking or gentle cycling, much of the energy needed to fuel your muscles come from the fat stores in your body. The percentage of fat in the energy used by your body while working out at this low level intensity is about 60%.

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Now if you workout at a higher intensity, such as running or any activity which makes you sweat and breathe heavy, the body is unable to convert the fat into energy quick enough to fuel the muscles. In this case, it will use a greater percentage of the energy from the carbohydrate stores in your body. It will still use fat but the percentage used will be around 35%.

Because of this, many people are led to believe that the best way to burn fat is to exercise at a lower intensity but this is not quite true. You see, the total number of calories which are used during the period of the workout need to be considered. When working out at a lower level of intensity, fat will be burned but not as many calories.

Confused? Let me give you an example.

If you take a man who weighs in at around 175 pounds and make him walk at about 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes, then he will use about 158 calories to perform at this low level of intensity.

As mentioned before, while that energy was being used, 60% of the required energy will have came from fat. So in this case, the number of fat calories burned would be 95.

Now if we take the same man and make him run at 5 miles per hour (as opposed to walking at 3 miles per hour) over the same 30 minute time period, then he will use about 336 calories as opposed to the 158 calories he used when walking.

Because he raised the level of the workout intensity, the percentage of fat used for energy would have dropped to 35%. This sounds like less fat was used until you realise that 35% of 336 calories is 118. This means that 118 fat calories were used as opposed to only using 95 fat calories when walking for the same amount of time.