Genevieve Gilbert
Since 2005
Works in Parkdale, Virgin Islands Australia

Genevieve Gilbert is a practicing artist, creative consultant and writer in the contemporary art and media industry. A graphic designer, video journalist, editor and GUI developer, she has worked for companies such as CIAC, Radio-Canada, Channel Seven and the Quebec Government. She holds a bachelor degree in Visual Arts and a Master’s Degree in interactive multimedia from the famous Ecole Des Medias of Montreal, a leading experimental media research institution in the province of Québec in North America.

Her artistic practice has led her to curate exhibitions and promote her experimental videos and short films to festivals. After receiving a scholarship to study in a post-graduate diploma in Multimedia at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, she started her own consultancy Kastor_Fakto interactive. Born as a French-speaking Quebequer in St-Eustache, Quebec, in Canada, she is now an Australian citizen. Now focusing her practice on interactive art and performance work, she now calls Melbourne, Australia, home. You can contact her on

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Flash Developer & designer needed!

Thu May 10, 2007 09:43

I am looking for a Flash Action Script Developer and a Graphic Designer to work on an online game, due to be released in October 2007.

Please email me at If you live in Melbourne, Australia, this is your chance to collaborate on a game that wants to compete with Rev, Second Life and Sims!

If you are trustworthy and live elsewhere in the world, we might be able to collaborate from a distance. Will require some personal identification and a list of referees to call. If you have Skype, please tell me the reason why you are contacting me as I do not do conference calls with people I do not know. My Skype name is cgenevieve. Download Skype so we can talk!

Send me your resume or any online links as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, Genevieve Gilbert

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