Genco Gulan
Since 2002
Works in Istanbul Turkey

Genco Gülan is a conceptual artist with an interest in new media and performance art. He studied Political Science and Art at Bogazici University then he pursued an MA degree on Media Studies at New School, New York. He got prizes from BP, New School, Lions, E.M.A.F. Nominated for the European Art prize in 2012 and got selected as a finalist. Gülan made solo shows in Istanbul, Ankara, Graz, Berlin, New York, Seoul and Zagreb. His works are presented in museums such as; Centre Pompidou, Pera, ZKM, MAM, Rio and La Triennale di Milano. He participated to festivals such as; Steirishes Herbst, Ars Electronica, Mediaterra, prog-me, Accente, Balkan Art and Istanbul Festival. His net-art pieces have been exhibited at, and His works listed in required reading lists such as; City University, New York, Rice University and U.C. Santa Barbara. Gülan gave conferences at Yale, School of Visual Arts, Köln University and New York Institute of Technology. Genco Gülan and his art has been referred to by Newsweek, Herald Tribune, NY Arts, Art in America, Art News, Das Kunst, Beaux Arts and Idomenee. His monography edited Dr. Marcus Graf is published by Revolver Berlin the title "Conceptual Colors of genco Gulan". His book "De-Constructing the Digital Revolution" is published by LAP and both of the books are available at Genco Gülan was in the Advisory Board of Balkan Biennial, Thessaloniki and International Programming Committee of ISEA Singapore. He is the founder of the Web Biennial. Currently he teaches at Mimar Sinan Academy and Bogazici University.
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Web Biennial 09 to Stop Online Censorship

Sat May 09, 2009 00:00 - Sat May 09, 2009


To protest the rising censorshlip on the Internet, the Biennial comitee of iS.CaM announced the postponing Web Biennial 2009 to 2010. If you want to support the cause of the WB, please write inside your HTML headtags or to the BODY of your web page, in English and Turkish:

"WB09- Stop the online censorship- internette sansure hayir!"


(Turkish) İnternette yükselen sansürü protesto etmek için Istanbul Muzessinin Bienal komitesi, Web Biennial 2009'u, 2010a erteleme kararı aldı. Kampanyayi gonullu olarak desteklemek isterseniz lütfen sayfanızın BODY bolumune yada kodunuzun HTML headtag'lerinin icine Ingilizce ve Turkce yazınız:

"WB09- Stop the online censorship- internette sansure hayir!"

Genco GULAN, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum/ iS.CaM/ Istanbul Çağdaş Sanat Müzesi



Can Human's Fly? Why Not? say's Genco GULAN

Sat Mar 07, 2009 00:00 - Sat Feb 21, 2009


Conceptual artist Genco GULAN's new project called I LOVE YOU opened on Valentines day this month. The show is composed of images, videos and sounds of people all on air. They are -including the artist himself- all free falling in air. No flying equipments, no wires, no trics. The extra ordinary exhibition will be on till March 7th, 2009. Below is the article by Marcus Graf "Will you Jump, Fall or Fly ?" on “I Love you” series by Genco Gülan published in Idomenee Magazine, Paris No: 3.

Flying is one of the oldest dreams of man kind. The image of birds in the sky, which are able to leave the surface with all its chaos and mess behind, can trigger various feelings like romanticism, sorrow
and sometimes jealousy or even anger. In contrast falling is one of the worst nightmares of people. It even hunts us in our dreams in which we wake up before we slam on the ground. People cannot fly
but fall. Therefore, flying is a poetic fantasy and falling is a hurting reality.

Both actions represent the entrance into another sphere which we earthlings normally are not allowed to enter. Physical laws are stricter than any human made law and prevent us from entering this clean,
pure and infinite area. On planet earth, you have to deal with its people, animals, buildings, diseases and wars. In the sky, you are alone with yourself and the clouds. There, in the silence of the void, you are
able to hear yourself while the whispering of the wind is telling you secrets about the stars.

In Genco Gülan’s photo series “I love You”, we see people who are in the state of falling down. Nevertheless, it looks as if they were freed from all ballast of the planet and all weight of their bodies. On the images, in the stillstand of the moment, these people fly forever. The artist is using photography’s power to stop time, and freeze a fragile glimpse of reality so that the spectator can carefully observe the incident. Genco Gülan is an interdisciplinary artist who is often using photography to create images that draw connection to real incidents, in order to review reality. He usually merges the found images with pictures and discussions of other contexts in order to go beyond the known ideas about the world we live in. In Gülan’s works, the spectator is confronted with fragmented reflections of our current reality in which a strange balance between beauty and ugliness, as well as poetry and politics create a visual platform for the analysis of society’s state of today. In the current series “I love you”, his focus lays on the moment of the artistic process where reality and imagination melt into a new construction called art. Through observing and deconstructing the known, Gülan reveals the contemporary world’s unstable essence in which the “obvious and ordinary” are perpetrated by the “wired and irritating”.

Genco Gülan is creating no fiction, and the protagonists of his series are really falling from extraordinary height. We neither see the beginning nor the ending of the jump. Various men, women and children are
dressed in suits, skirts or school uniforms fly as if they were falling out of nothing. Gülan freezes the people with the help of his camera. On the image, the high speed of the fall is paused for a moment so that we can observe certain details of the people and their accessories: Strange expressions of the faces, which vary between concentration and sensation, as well as wired positions of the bodies, occur. Shoes
fall off, bags open and water spills out of bottles. Although we witness a part of a very fast movement, the images seem calm and silent. The peace of the moment is supported by the interconnection of the space and the figures. The clear blue sky in which the people hang, gives the scenes a contemplative background. In the endless blue, your mind can travel and draw lines on the sky like airplanes do. On the other hand, some small details of buildings make references to the concrete set of the scene. Nevertheless, the architectural parts seen on the images are more compositional parameters than story telling factors. Gülan needs them to show the parting of his figures from the real world. On the ground, the figures would be imprisoned between the walls of our buildings made out of concrete, steel and glass. In the air, at least for a moment, they are free.

Genco Gülan’s series points to photography’s possibility of freezing time for observation and creating parallel worlds for imagination. In his photos, the spectator has the chance to choose between the poetry of the flying moment, the sensation of the jumping action or the danger of the fall. What ever side he takes, he will have the chance to transfer his mind into the body of the protagonists in order to be part of the
image. There, he will see, whether he jumps, falls or flies; in love. At least for a moment, hopefully, he will be able to forget all physical laws and part from his concrete stand point. We believe in images so why
should we not believe in the possibility of flying?

Genco Gulan is represented by PG Art Gallery. Istanbul



Sat Feb 14, 2009 00:00 - Sun Jan 04, 2009


Genco Gülan's I LOVE YOU exhibiton will be opened at Bebek PG ART Gallery of Istanbul on the Valentines day. Images of flying people will be exhibited as photos and videos. Two articles on the exhibiton will be available at Paris Idomenee Magazine No:3 and Istanbul Sanat Dunyamiz No: 109. The exciting exhibiton will be open till March 7 2009.


YEN! (New) @ Pera Museum

Mon Jun 02, 2008 00:00 - Sun May 25, 2008


YEN! (New)
Six simultaneous multimedia performances, on electronic colors at Pera Museum, Istanbul.
18 May - 2 June 2008.

Project: Genco GULAN

Red: Minübe Millet
Yellow: Anderske Kaspersma
Blue: Gökçe C. Akyildiz, Nefle Mengüloglu
Grey: Necla Köse, Tamer Ertuna
Green: Neylan Özgüle
Pink: Pelin Batu
Piano: Selim Benba
Soprano2: Pelin Su Öznal
Assistant Director: Mustafa Gültekin
Multimedia Design: Berke Soyver
Production: Can Kurban
Costume: Asli Bor, Eti Behar, Leyla Okan
Light: Enver Basar

Although it is believed that there are three main colours
in nature, the number of primary colours has increased
with the advancement of technology. As human
perception changes, the colours used in various image
multiplication techniques had to change. Today, even
though the colours of the rainbow have not altered yet,
the representation of colour is still being debated.

The subject of the performance NEW (YEN! ) is the new set of electronic
colours added to the primary ones. Six of the most
commonly used colours in new printing machines were
selected: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Grey and Pink. The
performance opens a debate about these “new colours”
by using “new technologies”. The "new media" utilised in
the project become both object and subject. At the Pera
Museum, the performers, stationed on high pedestals,
will execute six different but simultaneous
performances. All of the performers improvise within
the limited situation they are in while competing with
themselves, with each other and with technology.
During the performance, Anderske Kaspersma (Yellow)
derives classical arias out of the lines on the Pantone
catalogue whilst working out on a piece of fitness
equipment. The twins, Gökçe C. Yildiz and Nefle Mengüloglu
(Blue) try move as they are attached to each other. Munibe
Millet (Red) tries to type under water. Necla Kose and
Tamer Ertuna (Grey) both run as one of them try to draw and the other one try
to rime. Neylan Ozgule (Green)
rollerblades whilst reading her book Colour Theory
melodically. Wearing a dress made up of cables, Pelin Batu (Pink) reads loud the A.I. generated
text from the computer. All
the while Selim Benba sits next to the acoustic piano
and accompanies the performers with his electronic
By performing these acts in a museum, Genco Gulan
reminds us that "performance art" and "action theatre" are actually
branches of Sculpture as well. (See: Sculpture - From Antiquity
to the Present Day by Duby, Georges and Daval, Jean-
Luc. Taschen, 2005). Gulan tries to emphasises the fact that
equal importance should be given to live arts just as
much as nature mort.

Real-time, computer processed sound, image and text,
triggered by the performer and/or the audience, are
being used in the performance as combining elements.
In this way the pieces integrate and the colours come
out. At the end, the whole performance becomes an
interactive exhibition at the entrance of Pera Museum.



Sat Jun 07, 2008 00:00 - Fri May 23, 2008


FOLDED-IN, June 9th - June 27th 2008

Crossing the borders of a WEB 2.0 reality

Project Curator: Personal Cinema & the Erasers
Presentation: Ilias Marmaras, Gülsen Bal und Daphne Dragona

Contributing artists: Alison Williams, Robert Aliaj Dragot , Nikolas Kozakis, Dimitris Dokatzis, Fotini Georgakopoulou, The Centrals, Koen Wastijn, Kostas Beveratos, Babis Kandilaptis, Genco Gulan, Reggy Timmermans, Beatrijs Albers, Irena Paskali

The reason for such an undertaking is that we live in a moments of rupture that regulates the transformations of “demographic politics” and politicisation of life. The main idea behind this involves a concern for affairs that are brought to the attention to bio-politics. We’re not only talking about the culturally specific conditions within shifting modalities, but towards far broader issues that reaches its debates around cross border dialogue, cultural intersections, crossings and/or networks which are profoundly rooted in a “disappearance” of subtle, ‘concrete’ boundaries.

By problematising the “transitory character” where different visions are converging and moving in defining and redefining the borders within new forms of articulation, the question we wish to raise is: what is this really referring to? What would happen when we encounter with a discursive space that produces a reality in which “there is no state in Europe” beyond its borders.

This exposes the imaginary geography and imaginary history which establishes a landscape by bringing together different modes of representation that are usually kept apart. And this coming to presence is by no means a certain matter as the definition of ‘folded-in’ refers a condition of existence.
This is why FOLDED-IN, an online multi-user platform that combines videogame basic elements with the possibility of a constant data flow, addresses the creation of an online community that will not only be part of the game but will create the networking that conveys the world in our absence in its multiplicity.
Thus the concept of becoming minor in its orientation; the project FOLDED-IN aims to take videos out of the context of the Greek-Turkish war (or any similar war or conflict situation in every part of the world) and of the Youtube framing and to re-register them, assigning to them a new role, that of a composing active element in a gameplay. In other words, the aim is their deterritorialization from the broadcast space of Youtube literally, but also metaphorically as signs, transforming the videos from mere screens, to game elements of a further play. FOLDED-IN project is an effort to interrupt the dominant process of propaganda re-production to be an ‘’affinity to infinity’’ an affinity for an always needed redefinition of its products. This generates specific impulses that form the recognition of reality where this manifests a progressive approach to a critical engagement within a creative practice.

The key to understanding this question is related to the concept “yet-to-come” (virtuality) that belongs to ‘being-in-the-world’.

Lecture/talk by Ilias Marmaras and Fahim Amir with Gülsen Bal will cover the presentation of the project and further some extends to the web 2.0 social politics.

Sponsoring and kind support provided by:

Interkulturelle und Internationale Aktivitäten
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien