Genco Gulan
Since 2002
Works in Istanbul Turkey

Genco Gülan is a conceptual artist with an interest in new media and performance art. He studied Political Science and Art at Bogazici University then he pursued an MA degree on Media Studies at New School, New York. He got prizes from BP, New School, Lions, E.M.A.F. Nominated for the European Art prize in 2012 and got selected as a finalist. Gülan made solo shows in Istanbul, Ankara, Graz, Berlin, New York, Seoul and Zagreb. His works are presented in museums such as; Centre Pompidou, Pera, ZKM, MAM, Rio and La Triennale di Milano. He participated to festivals such as; Steirishes Herbst, Ars Electronica, Mediaterra, prog-me, Accente, Balkan Art and Istanbul Festival. His net-art pieces have been exhibited at, and His works listed in required reading lists such as; City University, New York, Rice University and U.C. Santa Barbara. Gülan gave conferences at Yale, School of Visual Arts, Köln University and New York Institute of Technology. Genco Gülan and his art has been referred to by Newsweek, Herald Tribune, NY Arts, Art in America, Art News, Das Kunst, Beaux Arts and Idomenee. His monography edited Dr. Marcus Graf is published by Revolver Berlin the title "Conceptual Colors of genco Gulan". His book "De-Constructing the Digital Revolution" is published by LAP and both of the books are available at Genco Gülan was in the Advisory Board of Balkan Biennial, Thessaloniki and International Programming Committee of ISEA Singapore. He is the founder of the Web Biennial. Currently he teaches at Mimar Sinan Academy and Bogazici University.
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Beam me up!

Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:30 - Sun Dec 08, 2013

Lisbon, Portugal

Beam me up!

Show opens the November 8 at the Robotarium Space, LxFactory

Can be visited every day from 10am to 7pm
Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, H.02

Leonel Moura have asked some friends to send by email a file of a sculpture to be 3D printed at his FabLab.

The result is a series of works created by a kind of teletransport, much in the style of Star Trek, where one object made in one place is materialized in another.

Beam me up! is one of the first collective shows dedicated to the potential of 3D printing applied to art.

Emanuel Pimenta
Genco Gulan
Holger Lippmann
Kas Oosterhuis
Ken Goldberg
Ken Rinaldo
Jorge Moura
Leonel Moura
Miguel Chevalier
Ozan Ertug
Suzanne Anker
Telmo Alcobia
Zaven Paré

Image: Miguel Chevalier was the first to have a piece ready!


"Self Portrait?" solo show by Genco Gülan

Mon Oct 07, 2013 19:00 - Thu Nov 07, 2013

Istanbul, Turkey

Identity as Myth
Article by Marcus Graf*

“Nothing of me is original.
I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known.” 

(Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters)

Modernism created a fairy tale about personal freedom, unique identity and personality as well as the trust in individuality, subjectivity and authenticity. The current continuation of this story tells us today to believe in ourselves, to become the creator of our world, and to overcome all rules of totalitarianism and absolutism. NLP coaches and personal trainer, as well as advertisement and media professionals claim that nothing is impossible if you just to do it and only believe in yourself. Sounds right, seems right. Though, what is the self? How can you be individual in the overwhelming power of social, political and cultural conventions and agreements? Can one be authentic in the age of absolute medial visibility, where everything is observed, recorded and shared?

Obviously, the current notion and meaning of identity changed from the ones that our parents and grandparents were facing. Today’s understanding of identity is fluid, and in a state of permanent change. So, the forming of the ego and the self are dynamic processes, where individual stories get merged with social history. Nevertheless, we still look in the mirror and have faith in its reflection, as we believe it shows us the true image of ourselves. We talk with people, try to be social and trust their evaluation of our actions. We take part in the world of social media, where we produce, share, edit and curate information, as well as hope to form an attractive but decent cyber identity, which should suit and represent the real one. Though, what is real? Is reality not just another believe, a confidence in a truth that lies outside of our body, and therefore might just be another hallucination? We have no chance, but to believe in what we see, but what we see might be just a big lie, a trick of our mind.

Genco Gülan plays in his current series 'Self-portrait?' a game with identity, as he reveals and questions ideas of identity, and personality as well as their constructiveness. The works present the artist in various poses that are inspired by portraits of world famous artists. On the one hand he imitates the originals in every detail. That is why these pieces could be interpreted as final shots of a performative act, in which Gülan imitates Warhol, Pollock, Paik and many other artists. Though, as Genco Gülan’s ouvre is deeply influenced by new media art and net art, in every image, the careful spectator finds hints and relicts of the digital age. So, in an absurd and ironic way, you see Warhol-Gülan with a mobile phone, Paik-Gülan with a monitor instead a television and Pollock-Gülan with a laptop that seems to play the free-jazz to which the original Pollock was listening during his action-painting. Gülan’s works can be understood as a personal reference regarding the sources of his own artistic work. Already before this series, in works like Vincent (2003), Zonaro (2010), or Osman Hamdi (2007), he dealt with self-portraits of artists. Also in his current series, the pieces can be understood as a tribute to great artists that he values and from which he is inspired. Though, the works are more than simple tributes like we know them from other art appropriation works. Like a DJ, Gülan creates a combination of reproductions, remakes and remixes of the original photo-portraits, and formulates his own comments by adding objects, which contain subversive personal references. He reconstructs self-portraits and images of artists, and later gets into the role and pose they showed. Therefore, Genco Gülan intermingles two portraits: The image of the original artist and the image of himself. That is why, we see two individuals and their personalities in one figure. A schizophrenic effect occurs, in which the spectator constantly shifts between the reorganization of the original artist and the observation of Gülan’s imitation. Who do we see? Which image is the original in his work? Which visual layer is the dominant parameter?

Identity is a major issue for every artist, because it is one of the sources and motors of artistic production. In this series, Genco Gülan exposes and erases his identity at the same time. He plays Warhol, Pollock, Paik, Beuys and the other titans of art history but never becomes them. His own image always remains on the surface of his remix. In the end, we observe an eclectic, heterogeneous and pluralistic idea of identity and artistic personality, a visual investigation of their lies and truths created by Genco Gülan. Though, who is Genco Gülan?

* Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf works full time at Yeditepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Art Management Department. He is also the resident Curator, Plato Sanat Istanbul. (image: Genco Gülan, Beuys with Robot, 2013.)


Six and a Half: Books as the subject and object of Art.

Wed May 15, 2013 18:30 - Fri May 31, 2013

Istanbul, Turkey

Six and a Half" is the new solo project of Genco Gulan where he used books as the subject and object of his art. Thus, its no coincidence that he is opening up this show in a bookstore. The name of the show comes from the reading statistic: In Turkey, currently, there are six and a half books per person. Gulan, in this project, interpreted his set of books without utilising any digital means.


The Tumult of an Inanimate Love by Amir Shingray

Tue Mar 05, 2013 19:00 - Mon Mar 25, 2013

Istanbul, Turkey

The Tumult of an Inanimate Love
SOLO by Amir Shingray

Sudanese-Canadian artist Amir Shingray opens his second solo show in Istanbul at Gallery Artist Lab. Exactly twenty one years later. Shingray's last solo show in Istanbul was mounted in February 1992 at Istanbul French Cultural center.

"An emotional roller coaster, seeing old friends after twenty years, now they're with families and grown children" said Shingray describing the past two weeks "In addition to that seeing the old city again made me shift my plans and start making works about this return to Istanbul" continued Shingray explaining the return to the city of his youth and where he started his art career as a student in Bogazici University.

At this show Shingray will present works from two sequences:
1- Prosthetic for an Ottoman Eunuch
"Prosthetic for an Ottoman Eunuch" is a sequence of works that explores the intersect of race, sexuality, power.

In many ways the overly Sexualized black man have contributed to an incredible amount of violence ultimately expressed in the traumatic severing of the penis and the testicles of young African boys for functional reasons. Having seen some images of "Kizler Agasi" driven the Artist to engage in investigating the incredible survival power of these African men through reconstruction various imaginary profiles. The works will be and attempt of modern portraiture through the prism of recent development of the African Diaspora Identity. These works are extension to Shingray older works abut forced immigration and displacement.

2- The Tumult of An Inanimate Love
"The Tumult of An Inanimate Love" is a sequence of works that deals with the artist inability to sever a creative umbilical cord between himself and Istanbul. As the city and what it represented and continue to represent has been a source if continuous inspiration to his work. As he explains it "I have been away for two decades and, yet, I continued to worked on many series that dealt with my relationship to Istanbul, in a way I have mythologized my past existence in Istanbul for the twenty years I have been away, which contributed to a very tumultuous and emotional return to the city".

In executing these works Shingray worked on developing larger visual vocabularies that can best describe these sentiments.
Amir Shingray's visit to Istanbul was facilitated by an Artists Grant to Toronto Arts Council and an invitation by Galataperfom. While in Istanbul Mr.Shingray works at Genco Gulan's Studio at Galata Istanbul.

For Media Contact:
Yeşim Akyüz

Address: Ayazmadere Cad. 4 34349 Fulya / Istanbul

T + 90 212 2276852
F + 90 212 2580932
C + 90 535 7800462


Web Biennial 2014: Open Call for Curators and Curatorial Projects

Sun Mar 24, 2013 09:35

Istanbul, Turkey

Web Biennial 2014:
Open Call for Curators and Curatorial Projects

Web Biennial is a bi-annual, contemporary art exhibition that is dedicated for net-art, web art and online projects. Since 2002, Web Biennial introduced thousands of cutting edge online art and artists to a wider public.

The Project, different from other Biennials. It is not only an exhibition but an online collection, and archive. Some project went online but many remain online for more than ten years.

Web Biennial has been etablished as an initiative of Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum by Genco Gulan. Starting in 2002 with the Reload exhibition we made the biennials in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012 with or without curators. We had produced online exclusive shows, a symposium as well as physical presentations at one or multiple cities. (For example “Regeneration.011,” curated by Marcus Graf at Plato Sanat)

Web Biennial is an artist run, independent art organisation like iS.CaM and we aim to remain independent. We are not linked with state or any other organisation but we collaborate with many.

For the Web Biennial 2014 we are looking for; curators and curatorial projects as well as a curatorial theme. The curator could be a person or a group. Curatorial Project could be an online exhibition and/ or a physical exhibiton.

Please also explain your idea about a possible information architecture, maintanance of the online site, your plans about funding the project and ideas on the overall sustainability of the WB. Also please let us know if you prefer to make a Symposium together with the exhibition.

Please email your one A4 proposal to:

Attention: Meknuze Kırant

Please follow us in twitter and facebook.