Gayatri Tandon
Since 2009
Works in India


Born in the God gifted land of Uttrakhand, Gayatri spent her childhood with the enduring natural beauty as her father is a Farmer cum Industrialist. Gayatri imbibe soul of her Art work perpetually from nature and flora and fauna. She is a Semi Abstarct Eco feminist Artist. Her early schooling was done from Nainital where she found herself inclined towards conception of her thoughts into mark. She pursued her graduation in Visual Art from MS University of Baroda, Gujrat, India. Looking at her work, professors in the university did not take time to establish mystic inclination of Gayatri. Gayatri went to London for Post Graduation and to understand the concept of Art in global context. In her art practice, one can evidently perceive that the subject is beyond the canvas within the EYES of viewer or subject. Her work thus relate to the viewer. Her art works are visual shorthand for painting everyday-life’s mundane schedule. What makes them special is their directness and child-like simplicity, the works are narrative and allegorical; they tell the story not one that she wishes to narrate rather the one which the viewer or subject creates. Gayatri is a visiting Lecturer in Amity University, Noida and have also worked as Assistant Professor at Banasthali University, Rajasthan.
Gayatri is working with Lalit Kala Academi, New Delhi. She had also worked with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi. Being an artist, Gayatri proves to be a veteran in handling the Art as an administrator. Very few people associated with her through work place knows that she is a trained artist. She gained extensive experience in Exhibition, event management & related activities, Gallery management, cultural shows implementing and primarily in Teaching.
In year 2012, she was assigned by the Government of Mauritius to develop Heritage Site for Apravasi Ghat Indenture Village Commission in Port Louis in 2012. Her installations are at Hotel Oberoi, Gurgaon (2010); Saakar, Hyderabad (2010); DPS, Sushant Lok, Gurgoan (2010); Fusion Hotel, Mauritius (2009); Novas CUC, London and Car, Liverpool Street, London (2008). During December 2103, she visited Berlin, Germany with an exhibition of Govt. of India.
Gayatri has presented various solo exhibitions in India and abroad. Some of which are Ceramic Show in June 2007 at Subh Cera Art, Thangardh; “Under erasure” December 2007 at Project Space I, CSM London; Absent Present in April 2008 at Project Space II, CSM London; Fusion Resorts in April 2009 at Mauritius; Mukut Residency in December 2009 at Rural space Gallery; Saakaar Kinnera Art Theater in May 2010 at Secunderabad etc. Besides, she has credited with participation in several group exhibitions in the world like September 2013 United Art Fair 2013, Pragati Maidan, July 2013 Art for Uttrakhand. RELIEFFUND 2013 Lalit Kala Gallery New Delhi; October 2012 Site Specific Installation at Apravasi Ghat Indenture Village Port Louise Mauritius; United Art Fair September 2012, Pragati Maidan New Delhi; Burland Gallery. U.K in October 2010 at Fulham Palace Art Fair; Burland Gallery, U.K in November 2010 at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, Windsor; Multimedia in art in November 2010 in Udaipur ; Anand Residecy Vizag in December 2010 at Mumbai; Saakar Gallery in May 2010 at Trimulgiri, Hyderabad; Redo Pakistan in December 2009 at Other Asias, London; Primary Gallery in July 2009 at London; Redo Pakistan in June 2009 at Other Asias, London; Freedom of Expression in April 2009 at Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi; Redo Pakistan in April 2009 at London; Seconds 10 in March 2009 at curated by Nooshin Fahrid, London, UK; Charity Auction in November 2008 at Warsaw, Poland; Spiritual Promises for Lost Prophets in September 2008 at Comic Mega Brain, Beirut; Something’s are not Important in September 2008 at CSM, Exhibition Hall, London; CSM Auction in July 2008 at Charing Crossroad, London; Fun In Park(installation) in June 2008 at Southwark Park, London; Launchpad in June 2008 at Atrium Gallery, London; This constant cracking of the surface in February 2008 at Oxo Barge House, London; Gujrat State Lalit Kala Annual Exhibition in March 2006 at Ahmedabad, Gujrat; Fresh-Cut in January 2006 at Tulika Art Gallery, Mumbai; Y- Generation in June 2005 at Exhibition Hall , MSU, Baroda etc.
Academic achievement of her includes workshops conducted on CEP Art Therapy Workshop at Banasthali University, Rajasthan 2011; Fine Art Workshop at Saakar, Hyderabad in 2010; Water Colour Workshop at Amity University, Noida in 2009; Under Privileged Children workshop at NeeV NGO Gurgaon; Children Mask Painting Workshop at Southwark Park, London in 2008; Interactive Children workshop at Haldwani, Uttranchal in 2007; Laminate Jewelry Workshop at Fine Art Faculty, MSU, Baroda; Tie And Dye Workshop at Baroda, Pant Nagar University.