Gavin Sade
Since 2008
Works in Brisbane Australia

Gavin Sade is a designer, educator and researcher in the field of interactive media, with a background in music and sonology. In 2003 he formed Kuuki, a creative media collective who have since exhibited works nationally and internationally. Gavin is also the Undergraduate Study Area coordinator for Animation, Interactive and Visual Design in the Creative Industries Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology.

Kuuki is an art, design, and media production collective directed by Gavin Sade and Priscilla Bracks. Based on the Japanese concept of kuuki which considers things we take for granted, but cannot live without, Priscilla and Gavin seek to create things which enable people to experience, express and benefit from their creativity.
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UnDesign: Call for submissions

Fri May 31, 2013 00:00

Urban Modernities Research Group: Call for Submissions


Undesign is calling for submissions from researcher, curators, theorists as well as practicing designers and artists, for an edited text to be published in late 2014 - early 2015.

Traditionally, design has been placed in a framework that emphasizes its utility over aesthetic or other non-functional considerations. UnDesign seeks to document new developments in design that connect with science, engineering, biotechnology and hactivism, which operate at the intersection of art and design. Often confounding and speculative, these practices exist outside mainstream commercial design and share many traits with contemporary art. “Undesigning” practices aim to undo the complex designed world by revealing how human designing implicitly structures our world.

UnDesign will examine the ideas, speculations and practices that constitute this burgeoning new field of practice that unravels design’s traditional definitions and assumptions in order to develop a very different concept of design practice in the 21st century. The publication aims to combine essays with the presentation of significant works of art and design. It will focus on practices that:
  • occur at the intersection of art and design;
  • engage with "our" contemporary real/digital "life world" in a critical manner;
  • operate as provocative interventions within design thinking and the design environment;
  • combine practice and research as well as text, action and object;
  • have redirective design intentions.

Design must put in doubt its search for all such often well-intentioned design solutions or self-deconstructions, to open the way to explore, discover, uncover, and expose the hidden dimensions of lived experience. Krysztof Wodiczko, Critical Vehicles: Writings, Projects and Interviews, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press,1999


UnDesign is calling for submission from researchers, curators, theorists as well as practicing designers and artists. Submissions should address the outline above and respond to the following thematic:

‣ Genealogical explorations: Speculative Futures and Alternate Pasts—directions and untold histories that situate critical art/design in a lineage of practice, explaining the conditions that have led to current Undesign practices.

‣ Deconstructive, reordering and redirective readings—expositions of the current condition of design outlining the significance of critical art/design approaches.

‣ Disruptive, strange and redirective experiences—writings as well as speculative, critical design and artistic projects.

The first part in this process is that we are inviting abstracts of 100-200 words detailing your proposed contribution. All abstracts will be reviewed and selected authors will be invited to submit full chapters. Inclusion in the final published text will be based on outcomes of an academic peer review process.

Editors: Dr Gavin Sade, Dr Gretchen Coombs, Dr Andrew McNamara

Please submit abstracts by the 31st of May 2013 either via email to:, or by using the web form at the following URL:

For more information please contact the editors


LUMIA: art/light/motion

Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:00 - Tue Jun 07, 2011

Brisbane, Australia

Lumia: art/light/motion is a new media exhibition presented by State Library of Queensland in partnership with Queensland-based Kuuki collective artists Priscilla Bracks and Gavin Sade. Explore contemporary life and encourage thought about the future through an extraordinary collection of hand-crafted and interactive electronic creatures and installations. These beautifully crafted new media artworks in Lumia: art/light/motion combine the bespoke with art and technology to create strange but intriguing objects.

Kuuki is a collaboration bound together by an interest in how people interact with, and shape the world in which they live. Kuuki is a Japanese word that translates literally to oxygen, air or atmosphere, but is also used colloquially to mean things we take for granted, but cannot live without. Priscilla and Gavin take an avid interest in contemporary issues and popular culture, reading the air or mining the wealth of our collective consciousness and action for inspiration and ideas. This inspiration and ideas has been transformed into five new media artworks which will draw you into a curious ‘other’ world – intriguing the most curious of minds, and invite you to engage with contemporary global issues and reconsider personal and cultural priorities.