Just Prepping You Up For Garage Door Torsion Springs Replacement
If you have Broken Springs but unsure which they are, you can read on for a bit more. Extension springs are placed perpedicularly and runs above the horizontal garage door tracks. They are placed on doors that lift outward. On the other hand, the torsion spring system that are found on the top of the door is a little bit more complicated. Its component include not just the springs but a shaft, drums, and cables as well. This system does all the lifting while you push a button on the garage door opener. This works in both manual and electric doors. You must realize that the energy stored in the springs is enough to fatally hurt a person in case this is released uncontrollably, such as in a sudden break due to lack of attention and poor garage door maintenance. The best way to do replace torsion springs is to call for professional garage door repair.
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