Since 2010
Works in Lodz Poland

In 2010 the Łódź Cultural Center founded a new gallery. Initially, it was created to be a gallery with an original program, exploring the areas of video and thus, it was wonderfully equipped especially for that purpose. It was when Michał Brzeziński took the gallery over that the whole idea evolved into a new direction: an area dedicated to art, created when the scientific and artistic interests meet - in the new technologies field. Therefore, it was named as the Gallery NT.

The Gallery NT (New Technologies) is a space for presenting the artistic phenomena that appear in the field of new technology art, with a special stress put on electronic media. The gallery’s goal is not only to cumulate the creations in time and place, but more to inspire artists to create new works in the context of the gallery itself. The gallery serves as a forum for different definitions of art to confront each other.