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free103point9 AIRtime Fellowship Opportunities

Thu Jul 15, 2010 00:00

United States of America

The AIRtime program provides artists with valuable assistance with which to concentrate on new transmission works and conduct research about the genre using free103point9′s resource library and equipment holdings. Fellows present their work in conjunction with WGXC: Hands-on Radio, a FM radio station and media project in Greene and Columbia counties, upstate New York. Fellows receive an honorarium of $1,000, and technical and administrative support from free103point9 staff. Participating artists are encouraged to archive recordings and other digital media with the free103point9 Transmission Art Archive project.

free103point9 defines “Transmission Arts” as a conceptual umbrella that unites a community of artists and audiences interested in transmission ideas and tools. The genre is informed by an intentional use of space—often the airwaves. Transmission Art manifests in participatory live art or time-based art including radio, video, light, installation, and performance.


free103point9 Transmission Art Archive

Sat Mar 15, 2008 00:00

((((( free103point9 Transmission Art Archive )))))

A participatory online initiative toward defining the genre.

The winter months are a time for self-reflection: it is sometimes useful to pause and ask, "what does it all mean, anyway? Who am I, what is it that I am doing, and, for that matter, what motivates my activities," so that you might then face the spring with renewed purpose and vigor (at least until the e-mail piles up).

Well, here at free103point9, we're also taking a self-reflexive moment to consider such questions; only, 'we' are, for the most part, 'you,' and we need your help. As a reminder, free103point9 is a non-profit arts organization focused on establishing and cultivating the genre Transmission Arts. free103point9 activities support and promote artists exploring transmission mediums for creative expression. free103point9 defines "Transmission Arts" as a conceptual umbrella that unites a community of artists and audiences interested in transmission ideas and tools. This genre encompasses a diversity of practices and media working with the idea of transmission or the physical properties of the electromagnetic spectrum. Transmission art is generally a participatory live-art or time-based art, and often manifests as radio art, video art, light sculpture, installation, and performance.

New technologies constantly emerge as mediums for artistic practice and thus, bring forth a reconsideration of terms and redrawing of territories. RFID, WiFi, WiMAX, networked objects, reactive spaces, distributed actions, and psycho-geographic interventions are amongst a few contemporary artistic strategies and technologies that touch the borders of what once encompassed free103point9's scope for "Transmission Arts." Furthermore, there is always room for stretching non-technological conceptual definitions of "Transmission Arts."

In light of such ongoing developments, free103point9 recognizes the need to engage a practice of inquiry that reaches beyond it's own organizational limits of understanding. We are inviting practitioners and supporters involved with transmission ideas and activities to expand or challenge our articulation of Transmission Arts. Please help us expand our practices and galvanize our community by taking a few minutes to share your experience with us. The project is outlined below.

Thank you for your time and your contributions to this exciting project!!
the free103point9 staff:
Galen Joseph-Hunter, Tianna Kennedy, Tom Roe, Lee Azzarello, and Sarah Halpern. Also Alice Planas, our wonderful volunteer whose efforts helped jumpstart this initiative.

P.S. A quick reminder that free103point9 is currently accepting applications for the AIRtime Residencies (deadline April 1, 2008) at WaveFarm.
To apply

Project Description: free103point9 Transmission Art Archive

free103point9 is in the process of building an archive identifying contemporary works within the genre of Transmission Arts.

This archive will serve as a resource for practicing artists to identify their works within the context of an emerging community of Transmission Art. Additionally this archive can aid the work of curators and scholars researching emerging practices in Media Art and Experimental Sound with respects to the topic of transmission. The Archive Project will be structured in two tiers:

1. The first tier will be a collection of primary source material contributed by and consisting of works from contemporary practicing artists, self-identified as working with topics related to transmission. We are inviting contemporary artists whose practice addresses transmission in form, content, or strategy to contribute examples of their work to this archive. Rather than wait for the definitions to be coined by theorists and historians, we ask that practicing artists self-identify with or challenge our existing notion of transmission with your work. Tell us about your work, how it relates to Transmission Arts, and how you respond to this term.

To submit your work for inclusion in free103point9's archive of Transmission Arts (contemporary artist and works), please submit the following text to with a subject header (Transmission Works) by the deadline March 15, 2008:
• Artist statement and links/documentation to specific works with titles and description of works. (500 word max)
• A response to, or definition of, the term "Transmission Arts." (500 word max) Historical works and artist cited as influences. (500 word max)

2. The second tier of this archive will seek contributions from artist, curators, writers, and researchers to reflect, critique, consider, and respond to specific issues and topics related to transmission. We are inviting artists, scholars or curators working with New Media, Sound, Performance, Inter-media, Conceptual Art, Video, Installation, Social Activism, or Collective Strategies to identify artists (historical or contemporary) relevant to a discussion of Transmission Arts and to interject and engage in a larger discussion on Transmission Arts as a genre.

To learn more about this conversation, please submit a short bio (300 word max) with a general inquiry to subject heading (Transmission Arts Discussion) by March 15, 2008.


A Celebration for Breaking Routines

Thu May 20, 2004 00:00 - Thu May 20, 2004

A Celebration for Breaking Routines

Web Project Launch and New Video Works from EAI

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Reception 7 pm
Presentation & Screening 8-9 pm

Electronic Arts Intermix
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
(between 10th and 11th Ave.)
(212) 337-0680

Please join EAI for a special evening event celebrating new interactive media and video works: open source Web art, hacked video games, restaged and reworked films, girl-band music videos, and underground legends of the downtown music and art scenes.

Artist collective Paper Rad will launch Tux Dog, a new open source Web project hosted by EAI. Paper Rad members will be present to introduce and demonstrate this new project.

New and newly released video projects by multimedia, multigenerational artists: Cory Arcangel, Cheryl Donegan, Ken Jacobs, Kristin Lucas, Tony Oursler, Pipilotti Rist and Stan VanDerBeek.

The following works will be shown during the reception:

Tony Oursler: Synesthesia: Interviews on Rock & Art
Synesthesia: Kim Gordon, 1997-2001, 20:15 min, color, sound
Synesthesia: Dan Graham, 1997-2001, 36:47 min, color, sound
Synesthesia: Genesis P-Orridge, 1997-2001, 90:29 min, color, sound

Cory Arcangel, The Making of Super Mario Clouds, 2004, 65 min, color, silent

Stan VanDerBeek, Visibles, 1959-1972, 71:49 min, color and b&w, sound (excerpts)

Ken Jacobs, Tom Tom Chaser, 2002, 11 min, b&w, silent


Web Project Presentation

Paper Rad, Tux Dog

Artist collective Paper Rad will introduce Tux Dog, their new open source Web project, hosted by EAI. Tux Dog, which began as a cartoon character drawn by a Paper Rad member as a child, will be available as an open source license to the public. "Tux" will be distributed via the Internet, allowing anyone to download the character’s data for their own use. This data will include vector files and other media, all of which serve to empower young art developers and Internet users. EAI will also host examples of 3rd party usage of Tux Dog under the open source license, as well as an archive of past Tux Dog works.


Kristin Lucas, Science and Nature, performed by Flamingo 50, excerpted from Celebrations for Breaking Routine, 2003, 4:40 min, color, sound

Cheryl Donegan, Channeling, 2001, 9:50 min, color, sound

Pipilotti Rist, works from the 1980s and 1990s, newly distributed by EAI.

Kristin Lucas, Science and Nature, performed by Rainford Silver Brass Band, Merseyside Pipers Majorettes, excerpted from Celebrations for Breaking Routine, 2003, 4:35 min, color, sound

This event is funded, in part, by the Experimental Television Center. The Experimental Television Center's Presentation Funds program is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.