Graduated in Communication, Master of Literary Studies (UEL) and a doctorate in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory (USP). Since 2006 develops artwork establishing dialogues between different languages ​​- mainly literature and the visual arts. In recent years the artist has been interested in the theme of the city. His works are immersive video, dance video, installations, photographs, collages, art, cybernetics, urban interventions and movies.

She took courses with Marcia Xavier, Rodrigo Grota, Ana Mae Barbosa, Lucia Santaella, Joel Pizzini, Viviana Bosi, among others.

Participated in nationally award-winning films. She founded and directed the Associação Livre, an organization dedicated to the democratization of artistic creation and appreciation. Gabriela worked as an art educator creating projects in areas of high vulnerability curated by Ana Mae Barbosa, Heloisa Salles.

Created and direct Multigraphias since 2008 (, a project of artists residing in different parts of the world that make every day a collaborative narrative about the cities.

She is a member of art collective YES!, Multiartistic group which operates in Sao Paulo since 2008 creating dance and video installation in collaboration with artists, children and adults.

In 2011 developed SP Artistic Residence ( that investigates the urban writing of Sao Paulo and transformed into urban interventions. This residence is the first in a series that will investigate artistically diverse cities, languages ​​and always looking for appropriate actions to specific urban setting of each city.

Had works exhibited at the International Festival of Electronic Language (FILE), the Youth Cultural Center, Cultural Foundation of Foz do Iguaçu, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, SESC-Santos, International Exhibition of Video Dance, among others.