Free Fall Artisans
Since 2007

'we don't like art&social snobbism practiced in the name of art&social acceptance'

Free Fall Artisans is an NGO officially founded in spring 2007 but it exists from 2005 as an informal collective. The founders are: Nina Bacun (designer), Ivana Podnar (art historian, costume designer) and Deborah Hustic (theatrologist, photographer).

Free Fall Artisans are an artistic organization / collective organized with the aim of creating responsible art, art as social and political practice, art that is both, a process of mind and emotion, art as resistance against snobbism, empty esthetics and easy digestion. Our primary aim is to consolidate a sense of ethics in relation to its activities.

Free Fall Artisans aim at producing agencies of cultural and artistic pluralism as well as triggering the interdisciplinary environment by expressing its main ideas through different spheres of contemporary art. By engaging diverse media like sustainable design, photography, net art, performing art and a wide range of theoretical and curatorial methods, FFA envisages proposing an alternative way of artistic thinking and practicing. That includes all kinds of art-making which could be considered as society-making, politics-making, and, above all, difference-making.

Free Fall Artisans are oriented towards dissemination of creative processes, originating from the living room framework / gatherings, through virtual communities, into still informal, but open subspace. Following the development of World Wide Web (Web 2.0) and the possibilities of arbitrary virtual tours through diverse services and media traced by authoring concept, FFA curates a new cyber exposure.
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The Face of Our Past

Fri Nov 30, 2007 00:00 - Sat Dec 08, 2007

The Face of our Past. Photographic narrative.
The story of a man and his bike.

At the beginning everything was gentle and kind.
Ravages of time, charming old age.
But, it is a narrative, a story, so things aren't the way they look like.

'The Face of our Past' deals with (un)expected vivid stories from the 2nd World War.
Clips of an interesting relic from the mid 20th century trigger the nasty nature of what seemed to be a charming old chap.

The narrative reveals dangerous ideological ghosts hidden behind the old age which softened the indiscrete aggression...
The project can be traced on different web services; each of them gives a specific perspective onto the same art work as MySpace, Zoho Wiki, Issuu,

On MySpace ( you can see the visual introduction and electronic book created with the Issuu service.

If this is not the way you want to explore the story, you can choose the simplest way by using our wikipedia on Zoho (

Also if you are more into interactive thingz you can download our material for VJ-ing from the ( and be a social VJ!

The silent movies and jingles we've created from images and words used in this project are copyleft for VJ-ing, so you can download short raw videos and use them as you like if you are a VJ.

Our TV channel with selected videos from around the cyber space soon on!

Free Fall Artisans