Fred Weems
Since 2008
Works in St Joseph United States of America

I grew up an army brat, spent a number of years overseas, learned to speak German. Graduated from high school in Frankfurt, West Germany. Went to college on a national merit scholarship, then switched over to the US Air Force Academy, finally escaping in 1975 with a degree in Astronautical Engineering and a stunningly beautiful bride. Went to pilot training with the Air Force, and went on to fly a variety of weird airplanes. Flew combat in Bosnia and the Middle East, while also maintaining a career as an airline pilot. About the same time as retiring from the military I started law school at Mizzou. Finished that in 5 semesters while flying full time with TWA. After law school I upgraded to captain at the airline. Now I'm a captain at American Airlines since they took over TWA. I've been pursuing a degree in music at MWSU, but jumped over to a master's program in applied arts, where I'm completing my first semester. Currently I'm a student in the master's program, flying as 757 captain at American, and running my own little law firm I call Fly By Night Legal Services.