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FW: Antiwar Exhibition: seeking proposals, organizers, and assistance

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<DIV>Frank Shifreen</DIV>
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<DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>Subject:</B> Antiwar Exhibition: seeking proposals, organizers, and assistance</DIV>
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<P>Seeking Proposals, Artists and Organizers for&nbsp; Antiwar Exhibition</P>
<P> with contact information</P>
<P>after Jan 20th call : 212-677-4825</P>
<P>Planning exhibitions in diverse media,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; gallery shows as well as web, telelvision,&nbsp; performance and hybrid components</P>
<P>I and a group of antiwar artists are hoping that the art community&nbsp; will support r an antiwar art exhibition that can be organized and mounted quickly as a way of focusing attention to our opposition to the planned war on Iraq.&nbsp; Abe Lulbelski, publisher of the New Yorks Arts Journal and Director of galleries in New York and Berlin has promised an exhibition and the support of his magazine. I am a curator, artist, and doctoral student at Columbia University&nbsp;</P>
<P>The President and his party seems to occupy the high ground in selling the need for war to the American People. Antiwar activists and the few politicians courageous enough to identify themselves as against the war haven't been faring well in putting our arguments across. Those of us who are against the war believe their reasons for war are specious and without any merit. The fear caused by 911 has infected America and we have been squeezed&nbsp; from the&nbsp; right by Islamic&nbsp;terrorists and from within.</P>
<P>Images can be an important way to bypass the Orwellian logic of the warmakers. Art speaks to our senses , which are the primary way we experience the world. Art can entertain alternatives and change minds. There is a history of antiwar activism expressed through art exhibitions that has been important adjunct to the antiwar movement. In the 1960's the Artworkers Coalition and other groups organized in opposition to the Vietnam war. Similar Artists Coalitions were organized in opposition to the War in Central America, Apartheid, and other progressive issues.</P>
<P>Art exhibitions alert the media, the public , as well as the creative class that discontent can be channeled into artistic work, into beauty, understanding and sensitivity. I believe that the opposite of war is peace and also art, as creative constructive projects opposed to destructive and violent ends.</P>
<P>I have been organizing art exhibitions for 25 years. There are a group of artists, art historians, academics that I have been working with who are eager to work with me on this important project.</P>
<P>I am an artist, curator, teacher and Doctoral candidate at Columbia University in Art and Art Education. Many of the others have similar resumes. We are hoping that you will help us in organizing an exhibition.</P>
<P>We have the experience in organizing these events very quickly. We need</P></DIV>
<DIV>Frank Shifreen</DIV>
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FW: Portraits, poetry music, community

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(no subject)

The Exhibition "Ground Zero" ( July 13th Aug 24th ) at the Museum of New A=
rt in Detroit ( was very successful. Many articles w=
ere written on the show and there was positive television and radio covera=
ge as well. A catalog will be forthcoming and the show was extensively do=
cumented. For the anniversary of 911 the organizers plan to encourage an=
d document a series of street art installations and performances. We beli=
eve that renegade or guerilla art can counter terrorism and empower indiv=
iduals to create public forums. There seems to be a creeping fascism no=
t only from terrorism but the reaction to it as well . Art can heal . I=
nstitutionalism is deadening the creative response of healing art and i=
llumination. If you want to participate in this effort please contact the=
organizers as soon as possible. There will be a catalog, poster and web s=
ite to monitor and document the work. Please send proposals, documentati=
on as soon as possible to if you wish to be included. Sept 11th is not a =
deadline. It is the start of the project which will last thru the autumn.=

If you participated in the Ground Zero exhibition contact the curators =
about the return of work. We are planning future versions of the show at d=
ifferent venues.
Frank Shifreen, Daniel Scheffer, Julius Vitali


Fw: Ground Zero

Last call for interested artists
looking for work in all media

For Immediate Release:

Museum of New Art- Detroit

MONA 1248 Washington Blvd 2nd Floor Detroit MI 28226

313-9612845 Jef Bourgeau Director

Ground Zero, an exhibition of post 911 art, will be on display from July 13=
th to August 24th 2002 at Detroit''s Museum of New Art, in the historic Boo=
k Building on Washington Boulevard, in the downtown center of the city.

The show , organized by Artists Frank Shifreen, Daniel Sheffer and Julius V=
itali, features the work of over 50 artists in the 2nd floor exhibition spa=
ce of the Museum. Artists from all over the country have created works in m=
any styles, varied media and viewpoint that depict artists reactions to the=
world since last September and the drama of cultural clash.

Under the guidance of Museum Director Jef Bourgeau, the Museum has been at =
the forefront of Detroits resurgence as a center of innovative arts and cul=
ture. He hopes that the exhibition can help in healing and also examine our=
present and future.

The same organizers created "From the Ashes", a renowned exhibition in New =
York that galvanized the art community . It opened on October 8th and was a=
memorial for those lost and a benefit for the families of fallen heroes.

Paul Lieberman , in an Article in the LA times about the exhibition. Wrote-

" the events of Sept 11 were an overwhelming visual experience that demande=
d a visual response ... In the midst of chaos and destruction, art stands w=
itness to the creative soul""

The works in Ground Zero examine the issues of 9/11 and the seismic shift t=
hat has occurred as a result of the challenge to western values by radical =
Islam. We have changed. Irony and distance have given way to a more serious=
, committed, if polarized time. Daniel Scheffer says , " We have ended an i=
solationist era in the U.S and have come face to face with our own vulnerab=
iltiy and strength. We are connected to the rest of the world."

The exhibition organizers hope to engage the public in exploration and dial=
ogue . In the imagination, images can reveal knowledge not accessible to lo=
gic. We are an IMAGI- nation impacted by visual bombardment from an endless=
data stream. This show features art that illuminates, educates and enterta=

Museum of New Art seeking proposals and submissions for "Ground Zero" Exhib=

to take place July 13th-August 24th 2002. The exhibition will feature art t=
hat reflects the

issues raised by 9-11 from a diverse political and artistic spectrum. Looki=
ng for work in all

media that is metaphorical, political, spiritual, abstract, rhetorical. The=
Museum of New Art, housed in

a 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Detroit, is becoming known as an innovative f=
acility with dynamic exhibitions

and programs Organized by Frank Shifreen , Dan Scheffer, with Julius Vitali

Please contact organizers with any questions

and submissions

Frank Shifreen

290 Elizabeth St. #1

NY NY 10012