Frank Rothkamm
Since the beginning
Works in Los Angeles, California United States of America

Frank Holger Rothkamm (born on July 2nd, 1965 in Gütersloh, West Germany) is a composer & conceptual artist. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

As an "extremely prolific" (Exclaim!) "experimental favorite" (KZSU) "lone wolf genius" (Sound Projector) and "German sound art legend" (Earlabs), who "never seems to do the same thing twice" (Vital Weekly), his "charmingly eccentric" (Rare Frequency) and "enigmatically unpigeonholeable" (Touching Extremes) work is "always delivered with an unceasing attention to detail, precision and humour" (Furthernoise) in a "variety of media" (ReR) with the "quasi-mystical principles of a philosopher-cum-musician" (e|i).
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FB03 and The 400 - The Finale of Rothkammas Machine Trilogy Launches as an Original Social Art Event

Wed Jul 04, 2007 00:00 - Wed Jul 11, 2007

FB03 - a futuristic electronic concept album generated by Rothkamm (Frank Holger) through a mathematical black box on the verge of sleep - is distributed with 18th century methods as a major art event.

New York - For 4 years the conceptual artist and composer Rothkamm (Frank Holger) has researched the whereabouts of what he considered Very Important People, based on the original assumptions of early colonial history and assembled a list of 400 people.

“That heyday of the tobacco aristocracy in Virginia - the middle decades of the 18th century - was the youth of nearly all the leaders of the Revolutionary Virginia and of those who were to become the "Virginia Dynasty" in the young Federal government. The biographies and letters of these men reveal a closely intermarried social "Four-Hundred". (from Daniel J. Boorstin "The Americans - The Colonial Experience")

Instead of email, Rothkamm uses a square envelope which contains artwork and a philosophical essay, printed on a commercial CD tray- and 4-panel sized paper, hand-numbered and sealed - with the FB03 compact disc. This “calling card” package also contains a separate postcard featuring the artist sitting on the roof of a Beverley Hills hotel with the album cover visible on a billboard in the background.

“Social Networking in the digital domain is very similar to that of the 18th century”, states the artist - “It combines personal acquaintances with associations of personal aspirations and uses forms of symbolization of social rank. Just as in MySpace, the ranking of friends epitomizes the new aristocracy.”

FB03 is a prime example of the contemporary aesthetical praxis of “supermodernism”, which merges concepts from many disciplines and time-periods.

“We live in a post-linear world” states Rothkamm, ”in which the information about everything becomes more and more present, and the Googleization of the world as we know it turns everything into now. The past and the present are no longer distinct”

FB03 was sent out on July 4, 2007 to the “Four-Hundred” in 31 countries.


FB03 - The Square Envelope And The Objects It Contains

FB03 (E Pluribus Unum) - Official Site


Electronic Live Premiere Under The Stars

Thu Jun 29, 2006 00:00 - Tue Jun 20, 2006

The psycho-cybernetic sounds of "sci-fi serialism" will be presented on the island of Manhattan close to the stars for an auditory TRIPHONY experience with a magnificent view.

"FB02 - Astronaut of Inner Space", a space drama made entirely from pure electronic music has been 3 years in the making and is now installed for one night only in a tetrahedron designed by ROTHKAMM.

The premiere will be on Thursday, June 29th, 2006 at exactly 9.04 P.M., the beginning of civil twilight, and will last 33 minutes and 33 seconds. Afterparty is at the Monkey Room Bar.

Tickets are $33.- (R.S.V.P only, VIP and press requests honored) and include pre-theatre hors d'oeuvres and the 1st edition of the Compact Disc ROTHKAMM "FB02 - Astronaut of Inner Space".

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ROTHKAMM - born 1965 in Gutersloh, Germany. Lives and works in New York City. His encyclopedic work is connected to a matrix of electronic music, conceptual art, supermodern architecture, transcendental idealism and digital media. It probes notions of the hidden within the dialectics of commercial and underground culture, an extended music concept that critically shape-shifts the role of the composer in society and gives testament to both a utopian future and a forgotten past.

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