Francis Hwang
Since 2003
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Francis Hwang is an artist, writer, and software engineer. He was Rhizome's Director of Technology from 2003 to 2006.

new name for Net Art News?


Marisa Olson:

Dear readers,

I'm writing to solicit your advice. We would like to change the name of Net Art News and I'd like your input on a new name.

As Lauren mentioned in a recent note to you, Rhizome is currently redesigning our site. This is an exciting moment in which we are thinking about all the recent developments in our field and how Rhizome can reflect, support, and foster them.

On the editorial side, my goal with Net Art News has been to broaden our scope and reach, getting more international in our coverage and also covering not only internet art but also software art, performance, sound art, data visualization, technology-enabled social sculpture, locative media, video, and the myriad other branches of new media practice.

While we are by no means giving up on net art, the title Net Art News no longer reflects the breadth of the publication. The first and simplest title that comes to mind is 'Media Art News,' but of course this is potentially dry. I'm also not necessarily looking to split hairs over the phrases 'media art' and 'new media art.' The title needs to be rather short, self-descriptive, and hopefully also inviting.

What are your suggestions? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to refamiliarize yourself with Net Art News, you can look up previous pieces, by month, here:

With thanks,


MMAS@UNCA : student work, Fall 2005

mmas logo

curt cloninger:

Hi everybody on the rhizome list,

Here is some work I liked by my students this semester:

"Postmodern Postcards" by Drew Kessinger:

"Thairfax" by Gabe Clapper:

"Mote" by Joe Bowers:

Untitled by Greg Bliss:
(13.6 MB .swf, no preloader)

McLuhan exercise by Shawn Peters:

McLuhan exercise by Joe Bowers:

Here are the pages for those classes:

And the site for our program:



Hydrophonics + Radiator Symposium


Exploring Different Approaches to the 'Live Event'

A live webcast of sound from the other side of the world to the surface of water. The innovative concept of Hydrophonics stems from Locke's fascination with technology, waterflow, the idea of "seeing sound", of visualising kinetic energy and exploring different approaches to the "live event". Over the past four years she has experimented widely by sending a variety of sounds through water to see the different formations each sound makes on the water surface.

Locke has worked with musicians to compose music based on the sight of the composition, rather than the sound of it, and developed new designs for water tanks and speaker systems. The Sonic Arts Group at Monash University will be playing and developing music especially for the event. This will be sent across the world to the water tanks in the UK where the audience will experience the ripples and fountains on the surface of the water. Hydrophonics is part of the Radiator and Digital Cultures SYMPOSIUM.


2 - 4 Dec 2005 Nottingham / Fri & Sat 10am - 6.30pm / Sun 10am - 4pm: This three day international symposium aims to bring into focus artistic practices of live performance that make use of digital technology in the form of lens-based, networked or locative media.

On a global stage, artists from different geographies can enter transcontinental collaborations raising the question of how the digitisation of the arts has transformed cultural traditions and practices. The symposium will bring together leading practitioners, developers, scientists and theorists from the disciplines that make up new media performance including live art, locative and pervasive media, telematics, performance and dance, wearable, sensor based and cybernetic technologies. CONTACT: Nina on Tel +44(0)115 840 9272 info[at]


Turbulence 2005 Fundraiser :: Art Donated :: Please Support Us

Jo-Anne Green:

December 1, 2005
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc./Turbulence Fundraiser

Art work donated by Cory Arcangel, Kate Armstrong, Andy Deck, Jason Freeman, Mariam Ghani, Peter Horvath, Yael Kanarek, Michael Takeo Magruder, Michael Mandiberg, MTAA, Yoshi Sodeoka, Helen Thorington and Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga

Dear Friends,

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA) will be 25 years old in 2006; Turbulence will be 10 years old. Despite the expansion of our projects, the acceleration of our support for net artists, and the valuable resources we provide in our networked_performance blog and New American Radio archive, NRPA has seen a decline in its operating support. As a result, much of our hard work forgoes compensation. Of equal concern is the dual role our server is forced to perform: archiving work produced since 1996 and supporting new commissions that require cutting edge technologies and later versions of its current software. It¹s time for a new server.

We need your support. Please help us preserve our archives and support emerging artists and technologies. Numerous Turbulence artists have generously donated DVDs, CDs, archival prints, T-Shirts and more. Choose from this impressive array or simply make a donation today.

With Gratitude,

Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.: New York: 917.548.7780 € Boston: 617.522.3856 Turbulence: New American Radio: Networked_Performance Blog: Upgrade! Boston:


Book Opportunity

Doug Easterly:

I am doing a book project with Thomson Press consisting of about 12-14 chapters, where each chapter will highlight an artist doing interesting work with Flash. This is not to be a typical Flash book showcasing technical gymnastics. While technical innovation is a plus, I hope to highlight artists who are using Flash with provacative/critical content.

If you would like to participate, please send me an email with a url of your work.


Doug Easterly
D o u g l a s E a s t e r l y
Assoc. Professor of Computer Art
Syracuse University / Transmedia