Francis Hwang
Since 2003
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Francis Hwang is an artist, writer, and software engineer. He was Rhizome's Director of Technology from 2003 to 2006.



Society's Obsession with Fabricated Characters and All Things Cute

CuteXdoom is a mod for the PC game Unreal Tournament 2003 that explores society's obsession with fabricated characters and all things cute, or kawaii. The goal of CuteXdoom is to become a member of the toy worshipping Yumi-Co cult and gain access to their temple by collecting enough toys to present as an offering to the robotic panda guru. (This sort of exploration of society's addiction to cuteness reminds me of Satoshi Kon's compelling anime series Paranoia Agent, which can be seen in the U.S. on [adult swim].) Anyway anime referencing aside, CuteXdoom was created by Yumi-Co, a collective of game designers, illustrators, sound artists and coders that was founded by Anita Fontaine. She worked as the art director and designer for this project and currently works for the Mobile Digital Commons Network in Canada. She is also participating in the Toytakeova exhibit this fall in Australia. I really could go on and on, but I'll end it with this last plug: also check out some of the locative media projects she's worked on: Ghost Garden and Global Heart Rate. [blogged by Carol T Chung on Cool Hunting]


Director, Culture Campus, Liverpool, UK

THIS IS FACT -  foundation for art & creative technology

Salary £45,000

Culture Campus is a new organisation formed as a partnership between Tate Liverpool, the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.

Culture Campus is envisaged as an international centre providing an environment for learning, incubation, research, development, participation and expression in contemporary visual, media and popular culture forms.

The appointment of a Director provides an exciting opportunity for the right candidate to drive the project forward. We are looking for a highly experienced arts professional with a passion for contemporary culture to work in partnership, developing links between the sector and HE.

The Director will bring a mix of academic and sector specific experience, will be a leader in the field of contemporary culture with excellent strategic and managerial skills and a proven record as a good communicator. You will have the ability to develop a strategy for taking forward this innovative partnership and co-ordinate its activities with key regional, local and national partners. You will represent the partnership at local and international meetings and will be an effective fundraiser able to attract additional funding for the project.

This is a full time post on a two year contract in the first instance.

Job share applicants will be considered.

For more information please contact: Sheindal Cohen.

Email Tel: 0151 707 4444. Website .

Deadline for applications: October 17 2005.

Culture Campus welcomes applications from any individual regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation and age. All applications will be considered on merit.




Tread Softly or Else

Dustbunnies, by Stijn Schiffeleers and Hendrik Leper from Boutique Vizique, is a colony of seven shapes that contain two kinds of sensors, a RF-communication system, two microcontrollers, a big battery, speakers and a motor. When there's no human around, they collect dust, hair, flakes of skin and dirt and murmur to each other in a mysterious language. But if you walk into their territory, they become quiet and pretend to be dead.

The only way to observe them in that first state is to be motionless yourself. Touching a dustbunny will cause different reactions. If they like the way you treat them they will make an amusing sound according to the movement you cause. But the Dustbunnies can also become angry. If you mistreat one of them, all dustbunnies will start screaming. The whole group will show their dislike.

For those interested in dirt and art, the dustbunnies will be at the UCI Beal Center (University of California, Irvine) from Oct. 4 till Dec. 10. [blogged by Regine on we-make-money-not]




Node Thy Neighbor

Neighbornodes are group message boards on wireless nodes, placed in residential areas and open to the public. These nodes transmit signal for around 300 feet, so everyone within that range has access to the board and can read and post to it. This means that with a Neighbornode you can broadcast a message to roughly everyone whose apartment window is within 300 feet of yours (and has line of sight), and they can broadcast messages back to you. Boards are only accessible from computers that go through the local node.

Additionally, Neighbornodes are linked together, making up a node network to enable the passing of news and information on a street-by-street basis throughout the wider community. With access to your local Neighbornode, you can post messages to your local group board, as well as forward messages to other nodes in your vicinity. These other nodes can in turn forward messages to your node, resulting in a network of neighborhood message boards. [blogged by Samuel Rose on Smart Mobs]


Blue Screen of Death as Comic Relief


Need I say more? ReBlogged from DeadPr0grammer's Café:

Came by this beauty of a BSOD today. It's not like it's a rarity to see one on this type of a display, but still.

There are whole galleries of this stuff, and, you know, if I were a person developing MS-powered billboards, I would change the color of BSOD text/background to black to spare Microsoft public embracement.