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Francis Hwang is an artist, writer, and software engineer. He was Rhizome's Director of Technology from 2003 to 2006.

Jack Pierson vs Barneys

I'm actually not sure who bloggy and Tyler Green are taking sides with in the Jack Pierson vs Barneys dustup. Barneys supposedly "forged," for its window displays, its own set of Pierson's "trademark" sculptures made out of found sign letters. Pierson is mad, and his gallery Cheim & Read wrote a pedantic letter to the clothier that stops short of asserting an actual intellectual property right but nevertheless accuses the retailer of a "fraudulent situation."

But given that those kinds of sculptures are commonplace--you see them in craft fairs, regional art shows, and T.G.I. Friday's-calibre restaurants--that's a bit like Duchamp writing an indignant letter to a urinal manufacturer. As long as the accusations of "fraud" are flying around, why doesn't Pierson have his gallery write an outraged screed to the stock photography company selling this royalty free image:


Or maybe sling a fraud allegation at painter Leslie Brack while he's at it?

Leslie Brack


MTAA at the big dance…

Update on Collaborative March Madness

Concept Trucking / Leisurearts just wrote to say -

“MTAA has made the final four as a number 11 seed! Your success was modeled/is hitched on George Mason University’s in the NCAA tourney. I will be posting an updated bracket soon! Guess you better start rooting for the Patriots to win it all.”

twhid adds:
I have had zero (or, more likely, negative) interest in this so-called March madness… until now! Go George Mason!

(more update)
The chart is updated. Check it out…


Counter-Surveillance Headdress


Become a Target of Heightened Surveillance

The purpose of the Counter-Surveillance Headdress, by Gloria Sed, is to empower the wearer by allowing him/her to claim a moment of privacy in the Big Brother world.

The design of the headdress borrows from Islamic and Hindu fashion to comment on the racial profiling of Arab and Arab-looking citizens that occurred post-9/11. The design of the headdress is thus a contradiction: while its goal is to hide the wearer, it makes the wearer a target of heightened surveillance.

The laser tikka (forehead ornament) is attached to a hooded vest and reflective shawl. The laser is activated by pressing a button on the left shoulder of the vest. When pointed directly into a camera lens, the laser creates a burst of light masking the wearer


Future of Television Conference


Satellite provider EchoStar has launched a mosaic video application (showcase) that will enable viewers to watch six TV thumbnailed video channels and access an interactive menu concurrently, reports CED Magazine.

Powered by OpenTV set-top software, the mosaic and interactive elements, offered on channel 100, follow some earlier work with the technology by EchoStar. In 2004, the DBS service provider offered mosaics to support the Summer Olympics and for coverage of the Presidential elections.

A mosaic thumbnail, once selected by a customer, will be transitioned to full-screen video.

Cable also has some grand plans for mosaic video applications. The Comcast Media Center and GuideWorks, the Comcast/Gemstar-TV Guide joint venture, are developing "video-rich navigation" enhancements for interactive program guides.

Cable has a technological advantage over satellite because signals can be sent two ways. Without a two-way path, satellite operators can offer simultaneous viewing of channels or provide VOD via cable PVR boxes. Programming can be downloaded and stored for later retrieval. That's what DVB-H does, too.

How long until WiFi, WiMax or DVB-H deliver multi-media for Playstation Portables? You decide.

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University of Georgia's Peabody Archive selects SAMMA for videotape migration project

Media Matters' automated system to preserve and digitize priceless collection

The University of Georgia’s Peabody Archives has signed with Media Matters to use their System for the Automated Migration of Media Archives, or SAMMA, to migrate over 2,000 recordings submitted by local television stations around the United States for consideration in the annual Peabody Awards competition between 1973 and 1990. The project, funded by the National Park Service’s “Save America’s Treasures


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Re:_RHIZOME_RAW:_EBay_Negative_on_Negativland_I Pod

Probably there are, though none with the reach of eBay, of course. I'm
still pursuing options, so this may not be the end of the episode,
though I'm going to be absurdly busy for the rest of the month so
people might not be able to buy their Negativland iPod for Xmas ...

On Dec 8, 2004, at 7:43 AM, twhid wrote:

> It was fun while it lasted Francis...
> Are there no other auction sites?
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Director of Technology's report, November 2004

Hey all,

Here are some of the things that happened at Rhizome this month:

1. Blogging event
We had a well-attended panel discussion at the New Museum's temporary
Chelsea digs, with lots of great incisive discussion about blogging and
the arts, and their intersections or lack thereof. We have video that
we'll be putting out soon; watch this space.

2. Member-curated exhibits
Member-curated exhibits launched this month: Any Rhizome member can
curate an exhibit from works in the ArtBase. From peeking in the
database it would seem that there are a good number of
still-in-progress exhibits ... so, those of you who've been using it,
how is it? Let us know your thoughts.

3. More RSS feeds: Member-curated exhibits, and calendars
exhibit.rss shows you member-curated exhibits as they're opened to the
public, and calendar.rss shows you calendar events for the next month.
"What a beautiful set of content streams you have, Grandma!" "The
better to republish you with, my dear."

Francis Hwang
Director of Technology
phone: 212-219-1288x202
AIM: francisrhizome
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition

Steve Kudlak wrote:

> The whole case with U2 show the sad state of affairs. I mean it is not
> like U2 was actually hurt by aby of this. I mean rock musicians on a
> major
> label still do make money hand over fist and "indie rockers" U2 are
> very
> rich folks. So most people have trouble being sympathetic to them.

One of the things I think is interesting, too, is that some people who know about it write it off by saying U2 didn't initiate the lawsuit, so it's not like they have any responsibility. Which comes down to how you conceive of responsibility in the first place. If U2 had no say in the matter, and Island was just doing it on their behalf, U2 is still responsible in my book. Just like I'm personally culpable, to some extent, for the deaths of Iraqi children even though I openly opposed to U.S. policy in Iraq. That's something that's being done in _my_ name.

U2 has a chance to fix this: They could, for example, come out strongly for remix rights, and they could compensate Negativland for legal costs, which would barely make a dent in their personal wealth. But people don't expect that of rock stars, because rock stars feed into this adolescent guy fantasy of four guys touring the country in a van, no responsibilities, just free on the open road ... of course, when you're at the level of U2, rock 'n' roll is basically another industry, and every sort of industry has its own toxic waste that it tries to dump when you're not looking.



Re: Re: Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition

Steve Kudlak wrote:

> What actually happened with that? They used to have a
> radioshow on KPFA. I mean other than making all my Negitvland
> stuff collector's editions what happened to Negativland.
> Last I looked they still had a website and many ongoing projects
> it seems everytime they get "crushed" they do something
> different.

You can't get the "U2" single legally anymore ... The rights are, I think, owned by Island Records, and they decided to bury it.

I still can't be certain as to U2's involvement case. They'd maintained they weren't involved, when they talk about it at all, but then there's this funny exchange at a 2001 Duke Law conference, excerpted from this write-up (

"I was confused," [R.E.M. general counsel Bertis Downs] said. He sent a copy of the single to U2 because "they were my friends. I'd do it again." Then he added, "I use your book on Fair Use in my entertainment law course."

Video here:

When I was doing the work for this and chatting about with people I knew, one thing I discovered is that a lot of relatively clueful people have never heard of this case. That surprised me, though maybe it shouldn't have ...


> Note well, in one of those weirdnesses of life I really admire
> negativland but having met them once I can see were weren't the
> types that were going to do lots of collaborative works.
> Have Fun,
> Sends Steve
> P.S. Their website has a lot of goodies to download and play with...
> Speaking of vanished projects, did anyone ever know what really ever
> happened with the magazine "Grey Areas" which flourished for awhile
> and then dissappeared?
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Just in time for the holiday shopping season, I've opened an eBay
> > auction for the Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special
> Edition.
> > Commemorating the infamous early-90s case in which U2's record label
> > crushed indie noisemakers Negativland, this iPod is a U2 iPod that
> > comes pre-loaded with lots of Negativland tunes, and some fancy box
> > modifications. Experimental noise content trapped in a corporate
> > megarock shell--oh, the humanity! Profits will go to Downhill
> Battle, a
> > non-profit organization advocating for a less sucktastic music
> > industry.
> >
> >"90680118
> >
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