Francesca Steele
Since 2005
Works in Totnes United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Francesca Steele is a performance and video artist whose work explores the fragile boundaries of constructed existence. The work reflects the artist’s fascination of the present body and of that which cannot be articulated through words. By creating a ‘portal’ with her own body, she distracts the viewer from their usual perception; replacing constructed understanding with the emotional and biological facts of being and presence.

More recent work has focused on the surface of the human body and the body of flowers, particularly lilies. This seeks to fuse and bind the two together, into an anatomical or botanical detailed portrait - referencing classical and formal portraiture. The imagery, camera work and editing depict the search, the examination and a visual representation referring to narrative and aspects of memory.

After graduating in 2005 from Northumbria University in Fine Art Francesca has shown work nationally and internationally. For the last year (2005/6) she has been mentored by Fiona Wright and in May 2007 will be presenting a major video installation commission for English Heritage at Belsay Hall, Northumberland.