mixed media, video, performance

I'm an Italian artist working with new media, video and performance art.
My live projects, always addressing social and political issues, are mixed with lo-fi technology, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video. Primarily interested in video and live art, I also create artworks assembling performance art 'relics' or manipulating video stills.
With a deep training as a digital artist, I worked for 15 years in the field of television authoring and production. In 2000 I met American artist Kristin Jones, who has become a great friend, and we collaborated on the project “Tevereterno”, creating installations for the city of Rome. With Kristin Jones, Kiki Smith and other artists I attended the 2008 River to River Festival in New York, projecting my animation “Moon Loop” on the trees of the Hudson River.
Among the Art events in which I took part in the last few years, I would mention the 2011 WRO Biennale in Poland, ADD Festival at MACRO Museum in Rome, the finals of Laguna International Art Prize in Venice, CINEMED Film Festival in Montpellier, Taormina Film Festival, Berlin Directors Lounge, IKONO TV Film Festival, FILE Electronic Language International Festival in Brazil, FONLAD Digital Art Festival, Cologne Off and Magmart Video Art Festival, which I won in 2010, 2012 and 2013. 

In 2012 I've been invited to the first "Venice International Performance Art Week", curated by VestAndPage, featuring among the others the work of Valie Export, Jan Fabre, Yoko Ono, Boris Nieslony and Hermann Nitsch. In 2013 I won the "FONLAD Performance Art Residency" in Coimbra and was invited in Chicago for the Rapid Pulse International Art Festival. 
In the same year I was selected by prestigious Video Art Yearbook curated by Department of Visual Arts at the University of Bologna.
In the same year I've been in Santander, Spain, invited to perform for the "Gallery Week" and in London for "Modern Panic IV". In 2014 I've been selected for the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, organized by Georgia Tech.


2014 - "Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition", Georgia tech, Atlanta
2013 - "4 Fotogrammi Festival, Rome
2013 - Modern Panic IV, Apiary Studios, London
2013 - Gallery Week, Santander Spain
2013 - Dimanche Rouge Performance Art Festival, Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki
2013 - CINEMED Film Festival Montpellier
2013 - IKONO TV on-air video art Festival, Berlin and worldwide (http://www.ikono.org/artist/francesca-fini/)
2103 - Il Corpo e i Media - personal lecture and performance at Bologna Fine Arts Academy
2013 - Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival - Chicago - Usa
2013 - Time is Love 6 International Video Art Program - STIFTELSEN 3,14 International Contemporary Art Foundation - Bergen - Norway
2013 - 100X100=900 International Video Art Project - Cinema Aquila - Rome
2013 - Five actions with red gloves solo exhibition - Opera Unica Art Gallery - Rome
2013 - Visioni d’Arte Video Art Program - Auditorium Santa Margherita - Venice
2013 - Save the Beauty - Mondrian Suite Contemporaryartspace - Rome
2013 - MAD DONNA - Museo Emilio Greco - Sabaudia - Italy
2013 - Magmart Video Art Festival (among winners of  2013  edition with the video “Wombs”) - Naples - Italy
2013 - Cologne OFF 2013 - Aferro Gallery - Usa
2013 - Time is Love 6, International Video Art Program - Mori + Stein Gallery - London
2013 - XII Festival Internacional de la Imagen - Colombia
2013 - Time is Love 6, International Video Art Program - SAZMANAB Platform for Contemporary Arts - Teheran
2013 - Fonlad Best Off 2005-2012 - Coimbra - Portugal
2013 - Voci di Arte Contemporanea - MLAC Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea - Roma
2012 - Venice International Performance Art Week - Palazzo Bembo - Venice
2012 - Cyberfest At Heaven’s Door - St Petersburg - Russia
2012 - FAD Festival De Arte Digital - Belo Horizonte - Brasil
2012 - File Electronic Language International Festival - Sao Paulo - Brasil
2012 - Festival of Migrant Film - Ljubljana - Slovenia
2012 - Cinemed Montpellier (finalist with the video “Parnasus") - Montpellier - France
2012 - Sardinia Film Festival (finalist with the videos “Mediterraneo”  and “Parnasus”) - Sardinia - Italy
2012 - LPM 2012 (Live Performers Meeting) - Teatro Valle Occupato - Rome
2012 - Athens Video Art Festival - Athens
2012 - Magmart Videoart Festival (among winners of   2012  edition with the video “Blood”) - Naples
2012 - 10 Ragazze per Freud - Palladium Theatre - Rome
2012 - Norme per la rivoluzione Video Art Program, Volksbühne Berlin and Cinema Massimo of Turin
2012 - Digital Marrakech - Centre Culturel Atlas - Marrakech
2012 - TakeS Video Art Program - Bernardo Museum - Portugal
2012 - Berlin Directors Lounge Video Art Festival - Berlin
2012 - Oslo Screen Festival - Oslo
2012 - LOW LIVES:OCCUPY! - Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics - New York
2011 - Women’s glance Video Art Program - PAN Palazzo delle Arti - Naples
2011 - I Care, per Art White Night - Casa Bolognini - Bologna
2011 - Pixelpops 2011 - Paris
2011 - Celeste Prize 2011 (finalist in the Live Media and Performance Art Section) - Invisible Dog Art Gallery - New York
2011 - RobotFestival 2011 - Bologna - Italy
2011 - Visioni Acustiche - MACRO Contemporary Art Museum - Rome
2011 - Alterazioni 2011 - Castello Aldobrandesco di Arcidosso - Italy
2011 - Now & After 2011 - Moscow Museum of Modern Art - Moscow
2011 - Proyector Festival - Madrid
2011 - Miden Film Festival 2011 - Greece
2011 - OMISSIS Contemporary Performing Arts Festival - Gradisca D’isonzo - Italy
2011 - ADD Digital Art Festival - MACRO Contemporary Art Museum - Rome
2011 - LPM 2011 (Live Performers Meeting) - Cinema Aquila - Rome
2011 - Fonlad Digital Art Festival - Coimbra - Portugal
2011 - WRO Biennal Alternative Now 2011 - Wroclaw - Poland
2011 - No Performance’s Land? Performance Art Festival - Lisbon - Portugal
2011 - Arte Laguna International Art Prize (finalist in the Performance Art Section) - Arsenale di Venezia - Venice
2010 - Temps d’Images Video Art Program - Palladium Theatre - Rome
2010 - Escrita na Paisagem Videoperformance Festival - Portugal
2010 - Contravision Film Festival - Berlin
2010 - Biennale Marsica 2010 - Italy
2010 - Premio Termoli 2010 - Museo Civico di Termoni - Italy
2010 - Art Shake Festival - Mondo Bizzarro Art Gallery - Rome
2010 - Art Shake Festival - 91mQ Art Project Space - Berlin
2010 - Currents 2010 - Santa Fe’ Biennal - USA
2010 - Magmart Video Art Festival (among the winners of 2010 edition with the video “Cry me”) - Naples
2010 - MOVES10 Movement On Screen Festival - FACT (Foundation for Creative Art & Technology) - Liverpool

2013 Fonlad Performance Art residency
Magmart Videoart Festival, Naples, 2010, 2012, 2013
2011 Celeste International Art Prize, Bologna (finalist performance art section)
2011 Celeste International Art Prize, New York (finalist performance art section)
2011 Arte Laguna Prize, Venice (finalist performance art section)
2012 Cinemed Montpellier Film Festival (finalist)
2012 Sardinia Film Festival (finalist)


2013 - Fine Arts Academy Bologna
2013 - Coimbra University - Portugal

2013 - ESAD University - Caldas da Rainha - Portugal

2012 - Effetti Collaterali - Oxer - Latina - Italy

2011 - Istituto Quasar - Rome

2013 - “This Performance Will Be Televized", by Francesca Fini - essay for “No Performance’s Land?" research - Portugal
2013 - Intercultura Documentary Project - Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca - Rome
2011 - “QOS Quasar Outer Space" by Carlo Prati - Palombi Editori
2010 - “Imago" by Miriam Mirolla - Premio Termoli di Arte Contemporanea - Lampi di Stampa - Rome
2010 - “Substance" by Lorenzo Canova - exhibition catalogue
2006 - “Così parlò Mickey Mouse" by Francesca Fini - novel - Ediesse Rome

web site - www.francescafini.com
blog - http://francescafini.tumblr.com/
facebook - https://www.facebook.com/francescafiniperformance
videos - http://vimeo.com/channels/francescafini
artstack profile - http://theartstack.com/f-fini
Ikono TV Channel - http://www.ikono.org/artist/francesca-fini/
e-mail - mail@francescafini.com
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About Equality

Thu Apr 03, 2014 00:00 - Fri Apr 18, 2014

L'Aquila, Italy

Dear friends and colleagues @ Rhizome,
I'm very happy to announce the launch of my new performative project Dell'Uguaglianza / About Equality.

About Equality is a performance art project that will premiere in July 2014 in the Italian city of L'Aquila, sadly famous for being destroyed by earthquake the 6th of April 2009. The work, designed for and dedicated to this incredible city and to the courage of its inhabitants, will combine and integrate experimental theatre, visual arts, interaction design technologies, live cinema, analogue and digital languages and a giant "performative" wood sculpture.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs for the production of the performance and for the video documentation of the premiere. In return for supporting this project you will receive some interesting rewards, including signed limited edition DVDs of the performance premiere, original drawings and paintings.

Please check out the project visiting the link provided, support us and spread the world!


Fair and Lost, by performance artist Francesca Fini @ Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival

Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:35 - Mon Jun 10, 2013

Chicago, Illinois
United States of America

The 6th of June Italian artist Francesca Fini will perform her work “Fair and Lost” at Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival. The event will take place at 7pm at the Defibrillator Art Gallery in Chicago.

the RAPID PULSE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL (1-10 june 2103) aims to represent a range of styles and forms in order to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art.

The 2013 edition of the Festival will show the works of the following artists:
Arahmaiani (Indonesia) | Andrew Barco (US) | Anna Berndtson (Sweden/Germany) | Wafaa Bilal(Iraq/US) | Jeffery Byrd (US) | Pate Conaway (US) | Jess Dobkin (Canada) | Zackary Drucker (US) |Arianna Ferrari (Italy) | Francesca Fini (Italy) | Beverly Fre$h (US) | Anna Felicity Friedman (US) | ArtiGrabowski (Poland) | Fausto Gracia (Mexico) | Allison Halter (US/Germany) | Sara Holwerda (US) |Elana Katz (US/Germany) | Elena Katsulis & Erin Peisert (US) | Joshua Kent (US) | Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (Belgium) | Carlos Salazar Lermont (Venezuela) | Miller & Shellabarger (US) | Şükran Moral (Turkey) | Mothergirl (US) | Boris Nieslony (Germany) | Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz (US) | Jefferson Pinder (US) | Emilio Rojas (Mexico/Canada) | Kambui Olujimi (US) | Rooms (US) | Fereshteh Toosi (US) |Alice Vogler (US) | Dolores Wilber + Sarah Wilber (US) | Julie Wills (US) | Zierle & Carter (UK)

Fair and Lost
"During the performance I'm wearing electrodes on both arms and I try to wear makeup. Involuntary muscle contractions caused by electric shock are very strong so that I cannot control the hands and the makeup spreads all over my face. We hear the chorus of Nabucodonosor by Giuseppe Verdi, which has a very strong symbolic value in the history of my country, bringing along the ghosts of old struggles for freedom that no one remembers anymore. “My country, fair and lost”. The hysterical, uncontrollable, movement of the hand represents the disease of social habit, which reveals its fragility when the system appears on the point of collapsing: the deep conflict between a conscious behaviour and external social conditioning. Even crying is involuntary, caused by the black pencil and mascara entering my eyes since I cannot calibrate the movement of the hand. A mechanical cry that is automatically transmitted to the audience, in a sort of empathic conditioned connection, unconscious and therefore completely useless".
The performance is part of a larger project: http://withanhelmet.blogspot.it/
Link to video of performance: https://vimeo.com/62669680

Francesca Fini is an Italian artist working with video and performance. Her live projects, always addressing social and political issues, are mixed with lo-fi technology, homemade interaction design devices and video. She hacks everyday objects such as surveillance cameras, wi-mote sensors and therapeutic electrodes, mostly used to give to her work an ironic flavor. “Technology is interesting, but rather than call your smartphone I prefer to twist your stomach talking to you in a plastic cup connected to a string”. In 2012 she took part to the first “Venice International Performance Art Week”
web: http://francescafini.tumblr.com/
follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/francescafiniperformance



Sat Mar 03, 2012 18:05 - Sun Mar 04, 2012

New York, New York
United States of America

Event Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012
Event Time: 6:00 - 10:00 pm (EST)
Online: http://www.occupywithart.com/llo-live-channel/

February 17, 2012 (New York, NY) – Low Lives has partnered with Occupy with Art and The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics to present “Low Lives: Occupy! a unique one-night-only program of live performance art, happenings, and public actions, simulcast to presenting host venues around the world. Low Lives: Occupy! will take place on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 6 -10 pm (EST). Low Lives: Occupy! partner Mark Read of the 99% Bat Signal / The Illuminator, will contribute a special projection and performance in conjunction with Low Lives: Occupy!

Jorge Rojas, Founding Director of Low Lives, comments: “Over the past four years Low Lives has developed a platform that invites and enables artists, audiences, and presenting venues to “plug in and participate” from anywhere an internet connection exists. This technological platform which brings a history of supporting artists’ full creative freedom to imagine new worlds, is ideally suited to be the support structure to enable artists, activists and Occupy groups from around the globe to present work in solidarity with #OWS. Low Lives: Occupy! recognizes the powerful opportunity that is the presentation of performances from around the world, within which artists are invited to facilitate the process of opening eyes and minds – and present a radical re-imagining of possible ways of existing and relating. The Occupy Wall Street protests have given us The People’s Mic and The People’s Stage. Thanks to a partnership with Occupy with Art and The Hemispheric Institute, Low Lives: Occupy! has the potential to become the The People’s Virtual Stage.”

The Low Lives: Occupy! program will include thirty-five performance artists, Occupy groups, and artist collectives located worldwide in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement for the 99%. Participants will expand the reach and visibility of the Occupy protests by broadcasting to an international audience community. Thirteen co-presenting organizations in eight countries including U.S., México, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Northern Ireland, France, and Argentina, will project Low Lives: Occupy! in their own venues and public spaces. The Occupy protests, and the myriad of perspectives and experiences related to this unique movement, will be amplified, explored, and experimented with, through Low Lives’ internet-based creative platform.

The Hemispheric Institute, presenting partner and official New York City venue for Low Lives: Occupy! will present one live performance during the March 3 event, and screen all other selections in real time using live-streaming technology. Presenting partner and event organizer, Occupy with Art, will host the live simulcast at OccupywithArt.com, providing the means for viewers around the world to access the program online. Co-presenting partners of Low Lives: Occupy! will present the simulcast in their venues and public spaces.

Presenting Partners
Occupy with Art / Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics / Low Lives /

99% Bat Signal - The Illuminator (NYC, US) / Antena Mutante (Bogotá, CO) / Casa Brandon- Ciudad Autónoma (Buenos Aires, AR) / La Casa de la Cultura Comunitaria “Guuze´ Benda” (Oaxaca, MX) / Co-Lab (Austin, TX, US) / Dimanche Rouge (Paris, FR) / GT Gallery (Belfast, NIR) / Guerrero Project (Mexico City, MX) / Kaxinawá Occupy. Som, Música e Poesia (Greater Rio de Janeiro, BR) / Museo de Arte Efimero de Cartago, MAEC (Cartago, CO) / Nau Còclea (Girona, ES) / Performance Exchange at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago SAIC (IL, US) / Zona de Tolerancia (Hidalgo, MX) /

Participating Artists and Artist Collectives
99% Bat Signal - The Illuminator (NYC, US) / Alejandro Chellet (Cancun, MX) / Alejandro Guzman (NYC, US) / Alternative Art College (London, UK) / Angela Alegria + Lucía Andújar + Dani d’Emilia (Lisbon, PT) / Antena Mutante + ChicoBauti (Bogotá, CO) / Arun Storrs (Oregon, US) / Astrid Menasanch (Madrid, ES) / Bados Earthling (Melbourne, AU) / Christina Sukhgian Houle (Alabama, US) / The Civilians (NYC, US) / Egg No Ego (Bucharest, RO) / Emerge Collective (NYC, US) / Francesca Fini (Rome, IT) / Ginna Vélez (Bogotá, CO) / Guerrero Project (Mexico City, MX) / Heather Warren-Crow (Wisconsin, US) / Justine Marrion Massey (Buenos Aires, AR) / Kanene Ayo Holder (NYC, US) / Kaxinawá Occupy. Som, Música e Poesia (Greater Rio de Janeiro, BR) / Lukas Avendaño (Oaxaca, MX) / Miles Pflanz (NYC, US) / Minipimer.tv (Barcelona, ES) / Moe Beitiks (Illinois, US) / Nyugen E. Smith New Jersey, US) / Occupy Your Spirituality (NYC, US) / The People Staged (NYC, US) / Proyecto 21 (Mexico City, MX) / Revolutionary Games (NYC, US) / Second Front (Second Life) / The Super Art League (DC Universe) / Tempest Productions + Pilgrim Theatre + Bread and Puppet + Occupy Boston’s CASA working group (Massachusetts, US) / Tara Raye Russo (New Jersey, US) / Tutu-Marambá: Pesquisas das Artes do Corpo (Sao Paolo, BR) / Victoria Gibson (Vancouver, CA) /

About Low Lives
Founded in 2009, Low Lives is an international platform for live performance-based works transmitted via the internet and projected in real time through online broadcasting networks. These networks provide a new alternative and efficient medium for presenting, viewing, and archiving performances. Low Lives celebrates the transmission of ideas beyond geographical, political, and cultural borders, and opens multicultural and intergenerational dialogue through visual language, new technologies, and contemporary expressions.

Interested co-presenters can contact Low Lives at lowlivesoccupy@gmail.com before March 1. For information on presenter requirements, visit lowlives.net

Watch the live simulcast on March 3 at http://www.occupywithart.com/llo-live-channel/

For further information, contact:
Jorge Rojas
Founding Director, Low Lives