Florence Gouvrit
Since 2002
Works in columbus, Ohio United States of America

Florence Gouvrit (b. Paris, France) is a Mexico City based new media artist. She received her BFA in 2002 from the National School for Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda," then studied a Master in Philosophy of Science/Technology in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). From 2000 to 2008 she worked on virtual reality and art theory research in the Multimedia Center in Mexico City, and lately in the University Museum for Contemporary Art (MUAC). Her work is based on artificiality, human-machine interaction, empathy, culture and technologically mediated behaviour. Florence has received the FONCA Fellowship for young creators twice (2002,2004) and has shown her work and research in Mexico, Spain and the United States. Besides receiving an Ohio State GTA award, she is sponsored for her abroad studies by the FONCA. She currently teaches digital art as a graduate teaching associate at the Ohio State University while she completes her MFA in the Art & Technology program.
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the mood room

Tue Nov 30, 2010 00:00

United States of America

THE MOOD ROOM (working title)

deadline for 2nd group: Friday, october 29
CONTACT: projects(at)gouvrit.org

This is an interactive sound installation that communicates an atmosphere of sadness or anger in a small empty room occupied only by speakers. Sadness and anger are experienced by the public through voices that speak about individuals' experiences and how they feel about those emotions.

Sadness and anger are often connected and usually targeted on one object, person or event. People feeling them can jump from one emotion to the other, depending on what is around them. Your experiences will be interpreted, recorded, and played during the exhibition.

A person, an event or a situation, sometimes more traumatic than others, may have placed you in between a sad and an angry situation, and this piece, as some form of collective therapy

The piece intends to make people in the room be overwhelmed by an atmosphere of these emotions.

How to Participate:
Write a page (300-500 words) in english, french or spanish about your experiences with these 2 emotions. Your text can describe a situation, express how you feel, how you face these feelings, or any kind of text about your experiences. The texts will be catalogued, interpreted, recorded and incorported to the sound database for the piece.

For more information about what is expected, contact me.

This is a collective piece about experiences, and each participant will be listed with either their full name or just their first name if they wish to be anonymous.