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Artists for Freedom

Thu Jul 23, 2009 00:00

Artists for Freedom is a non-profit organization that wants to gather artists from all over the world around the subject of "Freedom of Speech".

At the moment our main subject of attention is the situation that is happening in Iran.

On July 25th there will be rallies all over the globe to call for human rights in solidarity with the Iranian people.

Artists for Freedom is now asking for artists to submit work that relate to this subject to be selected to be shown on those rallies.

Video, Photos, Illustrations, Paintings, Music, Net Art, poems, all can be submitted as long as they relate to the subject of Human Rights and/or the situation in Iran.

If you are interested in submitting your work please visit our website and contact us.

This is an on going project so submissions after the 25th will still be accepted but will not be included on the selection list for the events on July 25th.

Together we can make a difference! Thank you!

Fernando Fonseca
Artists for Freedom