Felipe Castelblanco is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of participatory, socially engaged and new media art. His work seeks to create new experiences of publicness and coexistent (if sometimes contentious) encounters through urban interventions, video, interactivity and networked installations. Most recently, he has constructed an invisible wall connecting children across two continents (Children's Museum of Pittsburgh); collaborated with participants from 10 countries to turn the world upside-down (Future Tenant Gallery); and assembled a team of day laborers to paint houses-on canvas-in the streets of Portland, Oregon (Open Engagement). His work has been shown internationally, including the FAD festival in Brazil, Camaguey International Video Art Festival in Cuba, and the Valenzuela Klenner Gallery in Colombia. More information at: http://www.felipecastelblanco.com
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Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Turntables and Records

Another project to add to the list:

“Anthem” is an ongoing project that explores nationalism and geopolitics as a form of symbolic and contested territory. In this installation five reactive turntables that rotate according to the viewer’s motion through the installation produce a sonic landscape, shaped by overlapping layers of music and sounds originated by the continuos reproduction of national anthems found in vinyl records.