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Re: The Binney Project

This is an interesting work because it blurs the boundary between real-geography/cyberspace, and exists somewhere in a gallery space and simultaneously on the internet and the connection it makes to link these two worlds is interesting, though probably not entirely new. Who else has done work like this, I mean, where the work is created in a gallery, by online interactions in cyber-space? How interesting is it, in the gallery space, to watch the work "happening"; does it change the meaning of the work in some way when we know that people are making the image through a series of online/mobile phone interactions? Has anybody seen this work actually in the gallery?

From the point of view of the internet user I found the work visually dissappointing; I felt it was poorly framed and would have appreciated it if there had been more sense of depth. The animation is also slightly clunky; it takes a while to work out what each of the movements "looks" like, and then of course, you can start to play with that, which is what I suppose you want out of an interactive audience.

However, I didn't find the level of interaction really all that engaging; once you have figured out what the bird does, and played about for a bit, the interest kind of fizzles out, but maybe the intention was for the work to be briefly engaging, hence the whole "bird" idea... flying from one thing to the next, where this becomes just another brief encounter in cyberspace.

In terms of interactivity, I didn't find it as captivating as "Apartment". What do other people think about the Binney project? Did you like it, did you think it was more experientially or conceptually exciting?

sorry for the waffle, addicted to art talk...