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Announcing the closure of the-phone-book.com by March 2004

Hello everyone,

December 1st 2003 will be the last edition of the-phone-book.com. If you have always liked the idea
of writing a 150-word story, but never quite got around to submitting one, now is your last chance
(submissions close at midnight GMT on November 1st 2003). By February 2004, the end of our last
edition, the-phone-book.com will have reached the grand old age of three.

The international success of this project is a tribute to our writing community; however, we cannot
leave without also praising our Editor, Ben Stebbing. Every edition he has been faced with thousands
of stories and has had the un-enviable task of whittling them down to the 100-150 we have been able
to fund. We thank him for his fantastic work. We must also show appreciation for the male 'voice of
the-phone-book', David Williams, who has delightfully brought our collection to life each quarter
under the energetic direction of Ben Jones. (For those who haven't guessed already, Fee is the
female voice...).

the-phone-book.com has been a labour of love for all people involved, and we greatly thank Arts
Council England and Arts Council England, North West for their ongoing support and encouragement.
Thanks to them we will be leaving an archive of twelve editions - equalling over a thousand stories,
several exhibitions, an audio CD and an anthology from year one, a vast international community, and
an entire wall of folders containing all submissions from the last three years.

Instead of the usual new edition, March 2004 will be celebrated with an event to launch a new
direction for the creators. After that time the complete archive, mailing list and chatroom will
continue to be available for as long as we are able to sustain them, and we hope our community will
continue to be inspired by wireless technologies as a distribution platform


the-phone-box at St John's Centre for the Liverpool Biennial

Dear List,

the-phone-book.com is proud to announce today's launch of a new exhibition
for the-phone-box interactive audio installation!

To come and see us, first you'll need to be in Liverpool! When you're there,
go to the St John's Centre where afoundation (www.afoundation.com) are
exhibiting over 100 artists occupying disused market stalls. Ben and Fee
will be around the boxes from 3pm today, so if anyone wants to come and chat
we'd be delighted to meet you!

For those of you interested in other forms of art, the-phone-book Limited
has also just launched a new project for the Biennial, www.artones.net
(artist commissioned ringtones and logos - available in UK only). I have
attached a press release but will not mail this list about artones again. If
you want to join a list for artones related information, please email
fee@the-phone-book.ltd.uk, subject 'artones'.

Thanks for your time, hope to see you in Liverpool!


fee plumley, producer

http://www.the-phone-book.com - the world's shortest fiction, brought to you
wherever you want it.

Version7.0 NOW!
the-phone-box is out and about at the St John's Centre in Liverpool for the
Biennial from September 12th!

Full details can be found via the following links:
Traditional Internet - Go to http://www.the-phone-book.com
Wireless Internet - Insert http://www.the-phone-book.com/index.wml into your
wap-enabled telephone!