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floppy disc music

//////// New release from Ristretto: /////////

Batch Totem | Trunkeret & Ikonisk [rist07]

'Trunkeret & Ikonisk' consists of 19 audiotracks on a standard 1'44 mb
The audio is encoded in the GSM 6.10 WAV format at various bitrates
the disk holds 74 minutes of audio, that can be played on a computer
with standard audio-players like Winamp, Windows Media Player and
Itunes without any external codec installed.
The audio has not been converted from existing material, but composed
directly in the spectral domain, using the GSM format as a chosen
timbral limitation. The aim has not been to fit as much data as
possible on a lowlevel medium as the floppydisk, but rather to explore
the musical possibillities inherent in the specific medium and
audioformat. On certain tracks the amplitude and low bitrates produce
'ghost' frequencies according to the Nyquist theorem, and the
algorithm of the audio codec meaning that very high frequencies and
white noise can occur at very low bitrates. Using listening equipment
with a subwoofer is recommended.

Audio, conversion and graphics by Jonas Olesen 2005/06