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The best fat burning exercise is something everyone looks for when trying to slim down and get lean quickly. It can be tough trying to figure out a simple plan to follow to burn the fat with so many options, products, and crazy systems being pushed by companies interested in a fast buck.

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The truth is that in order to find the best fat burning exercise you need to look at the secret tricks and tips millions of Asian women around the world use to keep their slim figures.

Asian women have stayed ultra-lean for generations, even with today's fast food and sugary drinks, and today I'm going to go over a simple method that most of them consider to be their best fat burning exercise.

Best Fat Burning Exercise - Get Thin The Skinny Asian Way

Would it shock you to find out that the absolute BEST fat burning exercise is something you've been doing since you were just a year or two old?

Students in my weight-loss programs are always stunned, and a bit skeptical, when I start off their pursuit of a sexy-lean body by telling them they're not going to get anywhere without this simple daily exercise:


The quest to take dollars out of our purses by greedy fitness companies has accelerated the past 20 years, and simple, easy, effective walking has been downplayed and minimized by the that industry as being ineffective. There just isn't much money to make by telling people the secret to their new body lies in something they can do for free, and that's why you hear companies, paid fitness gurus, and other sources all telling you "walking won't cut it! you need our super-deluxe program for $199"!!

Certainly the best fat burning exercise has to come from an expensive late night TV advertisement right?;)

In truth the vast majority of Asian women have never been in a gym or health club. They're not doing crazy DVD video workouts at home either. And they're certainly not using some kind of "Ab-Blaster 2000"-type product to drop inches off their waist!

Instead Asian women focus on a hundred simple little tricks and methods to lose weight and stay lean even right after having a baby, and walking is one of them.