Emile Zile
Since 2009

Emile Zile is an artist and filmmaker engaged with the tension between reality and its mediation, the self and its representation, and language and its mutation. Building on a background of single-channel and performative video art, his current research focuses on photographic portraiture with contemporary image-making techniques, site-specific audiovisual performance and the use of the internet as a site for mourning, transgression and revelation. His body of work reflects a bleak humanism and dark wit, in the face of an ever-accelerating culture of image consumption and distribution.

Emile received a BFA degree from RMIT Media Arts Melbourne before relocating to Amsterdam in 2007 to commence a MFA degree at the Sandberg Institute. Recent exhibitions and performances include Bring Your Own Beamer Berlin and Athens, Rojo Nova Audiovisual Sessions Sao Paulo Brazil, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Palais Paradiso Amsterdam, F.E.A.V.S. Osaka Japan, Today's Art Festival The Hague, and the Rietveld Arsenale - 53rd Venice Biennale.

In 2012 he will commence a two-year studio residency at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam.
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Five Production Company Logos in 3D at Dianne Tanzer Gallery + projects

Sat Apr 02, 2011 18:00 - Sat Apr 23, 2011

Melbourne, Australia

Emile Zile’s Five Production Company Logos In 3D presents an
imaginary ‘real man’ behind these grandiose charades born of
selfimportant declaration. Just as design company CEOs probably come in
their pants when they look at their Maya-rendered fonts casting shadows
on planets, so are Emile’s hands ‘working magic’ as he performs aerial
jack-offs synchronised to Adam Milburn’s gilded melodic refrains. His
hysterical hand movements hilariously replicate the excessive overload
of those corporate logos which move around like Jane Fonda doing Zumba
on crack. Best of all, it simply looks like Emile is masturbating as if
he uses some amazing technique to whack a super load into our faces.
Which is exactly what the proud designers of those gleaming chromed
star-cruiser logo-ships imagine they’re doing. And a grand tradition it
is, for what is Coke’s ‘dynamic ribbon’ but the allusion to a frothy
foaming cum shot.
- Philip Brophy, January 2011 philipbrophy.com
Performed to audio created in the guise of fictional cinematic intro
sequences, here 3D modeling is reduced to hand movements. Constructed
spontaneous gestures and painterly hand motions, emerging and fading in
short-lived blooms against the unadorned white walls of an assumed
gallery medium. Though gestural hand motion implies stroke, the piece
also mines the history of the video format as a medium for effects,
motioning toward cursor or hardware driven art-forms. Paint without
paint. The online video format sublimated against itself - given form
against the absence of overt post-production.
- Ry David Bradley, December 2010 paintedetc.com


Video Vortex 6 Amsterdam: *best*RapidEssayNSFW!! Emile Zile

Sat Mar 12, 2011 20:00 - Sat Mar 12, 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands

*best*RapidEssayNSFW!! new solo audiovisual performance by Emile Zile for Video Vortex closing night event. Expanded Browsing. Prepared Video. Caveman VJing. Millenial dot com crash cult leader monologues, evolution and decay, language and  truth, animism and portraiture.
Constant Dullaart, Anja Masling and Giorgi Tabatadze are also showing work, Katja Novitskova will DJ.
Video Vortex 6: Beyond Youtube. Since 2007, Video Vortex events, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions have taken place throughout (and outside of) Europe, and includes the
publication of the first Video Vortex Reader (2008), and the second one
being published March 2011. With this program, the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam, and its project partners, have been initiating
and facilitating a deep study of online video in its diverse forms and
uses, and further, its impact both on, and within, the information