eva sjuve
Since 2004
Works in United States of America

Eva Sjuve is a media artist and developer in the field of interactive sonic art. She graduated from Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), New York University and also holds a Master's in Art Theory from Lund University, Sweden. She also studied at School of Visual Arts in NYC, and Centre Creation de Musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in Paris. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she is the recipient of numerous awards and commissions over the years.

Founder of moolab, a research/ collaborative platform for emerging technologies, with a special focus on wireless platforms. Eva presented her research in interactive technology at ISEA 2008, Performa 07, NIME 08, Digital Art Weeks 2006, 2007, and is published widely.


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Workshop in Pure Data at BEK.no

Sat Jul 24, 2004 00:00 - Mon Jun 21, 2004

Pure Data Workshop with Malte Steiner, July 24-25, 2004

Pure Data (PD) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing, originally developed by Miller Puckette. This workshop is aimed at beginners and will include installation of PD/GEM, serial control from a microcontroller, building of a basic sound patch and introduction to GEM (an OpenGL and video extension for Pd)

Pure Data is a free software and can be used on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 32

Malte Steiner (Hamburg), media artist, programmer and developer. He has been developing interactive art installations using PD, MAX/MSP as well as projects for theater, web and mobile phones in Europe and in Asia. Steiner is also an electronic musician with performances in South America and Europe with his Elektronengehirn project. He has been holding workshops and lectures in Germany, US and in the UK.

more info:
Eva Sjuve
Director of Sound Arts

* * * * *
Bergen Center for Electronic Arts
phone: +47-55233080

The workshop is supported by PNEK, (Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway) http://pnek.no/


Microcontroller Workshop at BEK.no

Mon Jul 19, 2004 00:00 - Mon Jun 21, 2004

The workshop is aimed at artists and musicians who are interested in physical interaction with the computer, and not using the keyboard and the mouse asinputs. In the workshop we use a microcontroller, programming it using Basic language, and use it as a tool for interaction with various kinds of sensors. The workshop is basic, no programming or knowledge in electronics is necessary, but preferred.

To attend the workshop is free, the participant has to pay for their own travel to Bergen, Norway.

To participate or for more info send an email to:
July 19-23

July 24-25 there is a follow-up workshop in Pure Data with Malte Steiner (Hamburg).
Eva Sjuve
Director of Sound Art
Bergen Center for Electronic Arts
phone: 011-47-55233080


s.t.r.u.k.t.u.r show at the:artist:network

s.t.r.u.k.t.u.r. is a critical examination of the underlying principles of structures in art, culture and communication, with David Goldenberg (UK), Ilze Black(UK), Wim Salki(Netherlands), Jonah Brucker-Cohen (UK), Jim Costanzo(NYC) and Trebor Scholz(NYC)

Opening reception 7-9 PM, May 7
Exihibition May 7 - May 28, 2004
After Party at Hyperoffice 9-11 PM
at 34 Howard Street

Artist's Talk, Tuesday May 11, at 7PM

424 Broadway
6th floor (btw. Howard an Canal St)
Gallery Hours Thursday-Saturday 2-5 PM
or by appointment (212) 431-1625

Curated by Eva Sjuve

s.t.r.u.k.t.u.r. is a critical examination of the underlying principles of structures in art, culture and communication. The Gallery acts as an interrelated space, connected like a network node with the local community and the global network. Each artist creates work based on process and exchange with the general public, by using the Internet, cell phones or through dialogue in the Gallery, creating hybrid authorship of the artwork.

Participating artists are Jonah Brucker-Cohen with "Public Desktop", by using an application that is dynamically updated, the desktop image transforms into a global comment-board. Theorists, critics and artists from around the globe are invited to write comments straight to the desktop in the gallery;
Davis Goldenberg, Ilze Black and Wim Salki with "Dreaming About the Future", the artists create a Think Tank in the gallery, visioning the future of art practice in the year 2030. The gallery will be a place for exchange and ideas in a participatory process through discussions and workshops;
Jim Costanzo's "datamap_2004", by using the Internet to transfer data to the gallery Costanzo expose how we are all part of the digital global economy and surveillance. There will be a daily update of the datamap with a comment-board;
Trebor Scholz with "Twenty-Four Dollar Island", creates a collaborative map of Lower Manhattan by inviting citizens to contribute their stories to an online database, a way to expose the history hidden in New York City.