Ethan Ham
Since 2005
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Ethan Ham is a visual artist living in New York City. Ethan's former career as a game developer can be seen in the art he makes. The artworks often playful and demonstrate his continuing interest in the interaction between an artwork and its beholder. His work often explores themes of translation and mutation and take the form of literary/art hybrids, sculpture, and internet-based art. His art has been commissioned by and and has been exhibited at the PS122 Gallery (New York, NY), The National Portrait Gallery (Canberra, Australia), The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia), and on the websites of The Museum of Graphic Arts (Machida City, Japan) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Badajoz, Spain).
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I went and looked at the BoingBoing posting about Proops. I was mildly entertained by a discussion thread argument between Proops and a user named Suedeheadabout whether Proops's work builds on Cubism.


Out of Office AutoReply


Most (all?) mail programs are smart enough to not send out the auto-response repeatedly to the same email address (I think Outlook's default is to auto respond only once a week to a given email address).

However, I did work with a guy who used his mail program's "rules" instead of the built-in auto-responder... so he continually responded to all emails (along the lines of "Permanent Vacation") and quickly flooded the email lists to which he was subscribed.


Absolut sound art installations

I haven't seen <a href="">these sculptures</a> mentioned in the usual places--perhaps because of the corporate sponsorship? Absolut imposing its name on the works' titles does seems overly intrusive.

The NYC piece allows a web-visitor to enter a melody, which it plays and develops into more involves variations. The installation is quite fun. It looks like the artists were greatly inspired by the Animusic "Pipe Dream" computer animation. You might recall that animation, it was passed around the Internet a few years under the claim it was a physical sculpture creating by University of Iowa students using John Deere tractor parts.

Videos of the NYC installation and the "Pipe Dream" animation are posted <a href="">on my blog</a>.


Assistant Professor of Visual Communications/Graphic Design

Tue Feb 19, 2008 14:26

The Art Department invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor in Visual Communications and/or Graphic Design in the Electronic Design & Multimedia Program of the Art Department. Candidates should be prepared to teach courses in typography, design theory, design methodology, corporate identity, publication design and interface design to BA and BFA students, with the possibility of teaching at the Masters’ level once the department launches a new MFA in digital media. Candidates should demonstrate practical experience with the full range of digital media used in the graphic design discipline and be comfortable with the integration of design and media production for print and screen.

Qualifications include an M.F.A. or other terminal degree in graphic design or visual communications, two years of professional working experience in the field of graphic design or closely related area and one year full time teaching experience at the university level. We are seeking a gifted educator with a strong publication record and/or creative practice who has excellent conceptual, administrative and interpersonal skills. Active engagement in the design community and with evolving theory and practice is desired. This position includes general department requirements of shared management within the Electronic Design & Multimedia area, significant student advising and service on department, college, and university committees.

Tenure-track position starting September 1, 2008.

Submit a letter of application, resume, artist’s statement, statement of teaching philosophy, (samples of other expository writing encouraged), extensive visual documentation of your own work and up to twenty samples of recent student work in print, and in PDF format on DVD/CD, or URL [no slides]. Please provide evidence of excellent administrative and communication skills. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of materials, and names, addresses, titles, email and phone numbers of three references to:

Professor Annette Weintraub
Art Department
The City College of New York, CUNY
160 Convent Avenue, CG 109
New York, NY 10031
(212) 650-7420; fax (212) 650-7438



I just skimmed the conversation (it is a getting pretty long).

What stood out to me is Roz's statement that I am not going to try to explain here exactly what it is I'm patenting, because yes it is "patent-pending" and my lawyer would not advise it.

If it's patent-pending, then you're safe to tell us what the idea is... if someone copies it after you put in the patent paperwork, they are liable for paying damages. (Though it would be unfortunate to take the route of suing other artists... we all borrow and build upon each others' ideas and techniques).

If simply telling us what the idea is (as opposed to explaining how it is done) gives it all away, then it seems like it is a pretty trivial idea patent-wise. I'm not saying that it is trivial artistically or what-have-you, but perhaps it is technically obvious.

Based on that second point, you may want to keep the idea to yourself, because it probably isn't patentable (you cannot patent the obvious) and then the only way to protect is as a "trade secret." But looking at your project I don't see anything that causes me to wonder, "Gee, how did he do THAT!" So perhaps the best idea is to share and to hope to gain credit for being the person to promote the idea.

My last thought is a concern for you that a lawyer may simply be soaking up your money even though there isn't a patent to be had.