Ethan Ham
Since 2005
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Ethan Ham is a visual artist living in New York City. Ethan's former career as a game developer can be seen in the art he makes. The artworks often playful and demonstrate his continuing interest in the interaction between an artwork and its beholder. His work often explores themes of translation and mutation and take the form of literary/art hybrids, sculpture, and internet-based art. His art has been commissioned by and and has been exhibited at the PS122 Gallery (New York, NY), The National Portrait Gallery (Canberra, Australia), The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia), and on the websites of The Museum of Graphic Arts (Machida City, Japan) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Badajoz, Spain).
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What am I doing wrong


My advice would be not to spend time worrying about this.

If you're asking how you should change your artwork in order to be selected for ArtBase, then my answer would be that you should make artwork that you believe in, not artwork that is chasing after others' opinions.

If your question is really a form of objection to not being selected... well, I'd suggest just keep developing your artwork and not get too focused on this one particular venue. One of your works might be selected at some point, or not... but I don't think worrying about it is the best use of your creative energy.

If you're really just wanting feedback on your work, then I'd suggest having a studio visit with one of your professors (your bio indicated you're a studio art undergrad). Your professors are there to give you the kind of honest, intense, and personal feedback that is very hard to find outside of school.

- Ethan


Stars (2007) - Ilia Ovechkin

Oops, I just saw the next post on the front page, which answered my question... Chu Yun.


Stars (2007) - Ilia Ovechkin

Following the link, I noticed that Ilia Ovechkin is responsible for the gif, but not the installation. She wrote:

not sure who made the installation, but i believe this is from the frieze art fair. i just made the gif

Anyone know who did the installation?


From now on this blog is going to be (2009) - Michael Bell-Smith

Adding a "loop" tag might be in order--the top Google hit is now this Rhizome post.


CCNY Electronic Design BFA Thesis Show

Tue May 19, 2009 00:00 - Fri May 08, 2009

The City College of New York's Electronic Design & Multimedia BFA Senior Thesis show is on exhibit Monday-Friday, May 18-28th, 9am - 5pm. A reception is being held on Tuesday May 19th, 5-7pm.

The gallery is located in Compton-Goethals Hall at 1617 Amsterdam Ave (at W. 140th).