Ethan Ham
Since 2005
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Ethan Ham is a visual artist living in New York City. Ethan's former career as a game developer can be seen in the art he makes. The artworks often playful and demonstrate his continuing interest in the interaction between an artwork and its beholder. His work often explores themes of translation and mutation and take the form of literary/art hybrids, sculpture, and internet-based art. His art has been commissioned by and and has been exhibited at the PS122 Gallery (New York, NY), The National Portrait Gallery (Canberra, Australia), The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia), and on the websites of The Museum of Graphic Arts (Machida City, Japan) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Badajoz, Spain).
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Re: Re: Re: web evolution

Jeremy Zilar wrote:

> I think the key is to develop the product that teaches adaptability
> and
> not the end result. Infact, develop is totally the wrong word here.
> "Grow" might better used. If you grow a piece of software that frames
> the process of it's own growth, rather than focusing the user on the
> software as a means to and end result, then you will begin to teach to
> a
> more adaptable, learning audience.

The discussion of user-focused vs. machine-focused software/UI brings pen-computing to mind.

For years developers tried to create handwriting recognition software that could learn to a users' particular handwriting style (e.g., the Newton)... but in the end, the first really successful pen-computer (the Pilot) gave up on adapting the the software to the user's needs and instead trained the user to adapt a short-hand that the computer could understand.

People are more adaptable than machines.