estevan carlos benson
Since 2010
Works in Los Angeles United States of America

Los Angeles based artist, Estevan Carlos Benson, works with the discarded and syncretic. He specializes in mixed media, music and photography. He creates a “bricolage”.

The bottle caps nailed to a discarded piece of wood in a mixed media composition are used as an instrument in an original music recording. The graffiti in another piece derives from the photo documentation of another. These objects, words and images form a larger tapestry. One about the constant exchange of culture and found objects. Borrowing ideas from Haitian Vodou, John Cage and other processes, Estevan creates a yet unformed image. One about the cheap, the miraculous and the dredge.
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i just wasted my time trying to talk to people on the art forum on craigslist

in the end some stodgy man said he doesn't like computers in art and said he'd rather admire a picasso and prefers the nobility thousand year old representational figurative works. i felt like i was reading an intro to art history primer. now i'm embarrassed for starting that conversation in the first place.

so, hi rhizome.