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Iain Kerr

Some people may be interested in my write up of a visiting artist's lecture by Iain Kerr. Kerr teaches at the Maine College of Art in Portland, ME and his work, with the collaborative group Spurse, deals a lot with emerging systems and other ideas that might be of interest to all you Deleuzian tree-haters out there.

Forgive the massive URL:


YouTube Records (2009) - JODI

Sadly, "No One," Eryk Salvaggio 2008, is already experiencing link rot.


Floating Point 6

Hi All(any) -
Here's some notes on Floating Point 6, a video game/culture conference I attended at Emerson University co-sponsored by

Thought I had posted this last week, but seems to have dissolved.



Third Attempt

Hi everyone

I've asked this question three times now and the post keeps disappearing.

Who selects the work that goes on the front page of rhizome?

Maybe if I don't mention loshadka this time, it will go through?



Eryk Salvaggio: September 11th, 2001

It's not online at the moment. If you'd like, contact me offlist and I can mail you a zip file.