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Re: an answer to : Who's Afraid of Blue, Red and Green ? -colorheXaequo.-

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Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: an answer to : Who's Afraid of Blue, Red and Green =
? -colorheXaequo.-


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Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Gunther Selichar -- Online Competition

> From: Sarah Bacon
> Creative Time
> Who's Afraid of Blue, Red and Green? is an online competition and public
> art project by multimedia Austrian artist Gunther Selichar. From January
> 21 - March 31, participants will be asked to design 15-second abstract
> animations in an exercise designed to explore the elementary visual
> building blocks of digital display screens: the colors blue, red, and
> green. The online competition is presented in collaboration with the
> Landesmuseum in Linz, Austria, host of a concurrent exhibition, January 21
> - February 28, 2004 of Selichar's work.
> Who's Afraid of Blue, Red and Green? is a direct reference to Barnett
> Newman's abstract expressionist painting, Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and
> Blue? (1966-70), one of several paintings, including the "Zip" series, in
> which Newman explored the nuanced relationship between proportion, scale,
> and color. Drawing inspiration from this investigative process,
> Selichar's Who's Afraid of Blue, Red and Green? charges participants to
> employ traditional painterly compositional criteria on a display screen as
> opposed to canvas.
> A jury consisting of the artist, curators, academics and others in the
> creative community will select three winners to be notified in May 2004.
> The winners will be screened in rotation in Creative Time's ongoing
> series, The 59th Minute: Video Art on the Times Square Astrovision by
> Panasonic as part of a group show of interactive projects in Times Square
> from late June through September 2004.
> We hope to disseminate information on the competition broadly, both
> nationally and internationally, and thought that Rhizome and Media Lounge
> subscribers might be interested in participating.
> Thanks for your time and consideration.
> Sarah Bacon
> Director of Communications
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Howard Dean, the Net.Art President

I'm actually very surprised that the / activist community hasn't
talked more about Howard Dean's campaign. Joe Trippi, Dean's campaign
manager, talks like an internet artist when he talks. He talks about how the
structure of the campaign was designed to disseminate information in
concentric circles instead of hierarchies (his words) and then, through the
use of meetups and rallies, bring the concentric circles back in, with the
intention of disseminating the information back out with a greater

Trippi has been very supportive of the blog community as a means to do this;
the Dean Blog is notable for listing blogs that are critical of Dean; it
allows open commenting (no registration or moderation) and refers to
comments on the blog to fine tune the campaign strategy. The blog community
has centered around Dean in return, and now there's an "adopt a journalist"
program where bloggers pick a reporter and analyze their writing for bias
and accuracy. While a lot of these blogs are Dean-centric, they are also
actual grass roots movements, and Dean has at least managed to disseminate
an idea of media criticism into the general election drive. A widespread new
media accountability for old media has gotten bloggers mentioned by the
ombudsmen at the New York Times and NPR.

That all of this is, ultimately, connected to a power play is somewhat
softened by Dean the candidate, who, in person, is a very bright, down to
earth individual who engages the issues in a complex and realistic manner.
Trippi was betting on the new media taking over the old, with information
dissemination playing a key part of the campaign. The problem is that TV
trumped him. Dean's television play is poor, Dean doesn't know how to behave
on television, and the media takes his complicated policy message and
distorts it, pinning Dean with an "angry" label when he defends himself.

People might dislike Howard Dean because of a media wash which has nothing
to do with the actual candidate. Trippi gambled that a big media assault
could be held off and repealed by a new media defense, and Iowa may have
proved him wrong. We'll see what happens. Regardless of what you think of
the candidate, the campaign is certainly a new media event, and I do wonder
why it hasn't been dissected more amongst the new mediites.

Is it not discussed because it's still unfashionable to be a Democrat?
(That's *soooo* Nader!) Or is it because new media artists have already
watched the new media collapse (fired curators and the like) and are
therefore more cynical to the idea that a political campaign would be any


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From: "murphy" <>
To: "thingist" <>
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 8:39 PM
Subject: [thingist] A Consistent Pragmatist

> > Dean, who looks happiest when he has several cubic yards of body-space
> > to separate him from other people, is cool; the necessary fuzziness
> > and warmth are supplied by the campaign, by Trippi's "online populism"
> > at
> >
> > The website, besides being a $10,000-an-hour moneymaking machine, is
> > an exceptionally lively virtual community - a beguiling combination of
> > noisy chatrooms, agitprop updated for the internet era, and a
> > networking-and-dating service. Skip the continuously changing official
> > blog, and the unofficial bloggers who hang out morning, noon and night
> > in the forums, and go to DeanLink, where you can plug in your postcode
> > and find every self-styled "Deaniac" in your immediate neighbourhood.
> > Some post their personal biographies, along with lonelyhearts-style
> > snapshots. (Yes, I've seen her in Thrift way . . .) Click on a name,
> > and up come two buttons: "Send a message to -- " and "Add -- to your
> > list of friends". It's hard to remember that this is politics not the
> > dating game. Then go to "Get Local", where the virtual spills into the
> > actual, and you can meet up with -- in the flesh at a fund-raising
> > house party, a letter-writing and envelope-licking session at a bar or
> > cafe, a doorbelling expedition, a chilly hour spent waving Dean
> > placards at the passing traffic. You can still sign up to travel to
> > Iowa to get out the vote for the caucus there on Monday, or to New
> > Hampshire for the primary on Tuesday week. For anyone who happens not
> > to have a life, a busy, socially crowded, full-time one awaits at
> >
> >
> > Trippi describes the campaign with a software metaphor: it is "open
> > source" rather than "proprietary", Linux as against Microsoft, in
> > which the individual user is free to adapt the campaign's considerable
> > resources to his or her own personal and local circumstances. It is,
> > so the website relentlessly iterates, "Your campaign", shaped and
> > driven by its nationwide community of members. Even the casual visitor
> > is liable to get infected by the air of urgency and excitement that
> > pervades the site. In America's present sullen climate, it's an
> > unseasonably warm and hopeful place to go.
> murph
> offshore|online
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Re: Rhizome: "you may have a problem with Switch Media but that does not mean Rhizome does or Rhizome members do"...

Thanks to disseminated media we can now have no opinion or interest in eith=
er side of the story.


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Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 12:14 PM
Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Rhizome: "you may have a problem with Switch Media =
but that does not mean Rhizome does or Rhizome members do"...

Hello Rhizome and other list members,

Recently "Switch Media" has appeared on Rhizome's front page with an arti=
cle published
by Rachel Greene <> Rhizome Editor.

The Article presents an the identity "Switch Media" as an organization of=
artists or at
least one that support artists. None of that is true - you will soon fin=
d out.

Rachel Greene Wrote:
..."you may have a problem with Switch Media but that does not mean Rhizo=
me does
or Rhizome members do"...

and I say: ..... if Rhizome members Know anything at all about "Switch Me=
dia" its because's homepage featured "Switch Media"... and what do YOU know =


In very short: "Switch Media" is a fake. Looking for recognition in the M=
edia Art Scene via
online presence. All this in order to obtain art and culture related fund=
ing.Funding will ensure
a next year position to the one currently in charge at the CMU Art Museum=
and will provide
a hideout (and visa) for a thief, former Heroine addict inventor of "Swit=
ch Media" - namely
Rudolf Stoert, from Berlin Germany.

Believe it or try his 'art' activities yourself.

-x- is being abused by "Switch Media"; in turn, Rhizome is mislea=
ding its audience
reading Rhizome homepage.

The following email drew my attention to this fact:

> ----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
> From: Amos Elmaliah <>
> To:
> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 14:56:21 +0100
> Subject: Re: hi
> ----
> after understanding what happened in august... maybe you should
> write about it to's people, because now they are promoting
> the swich media chang mai festival in their site, wouldn't hurt if
> they know the real story. specially make the points that 1. culture exc=
> 2. initiative. 3. courses *for* thai people not *for* money.
> see:
> amos.
> --------------------- Original Message Ends --------------------

In a response/warning to I got the following reply:
Note the last line!

> From: Rachel Greene <>
> To:
> Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:16:06 -0500
> Subject: Re: Rhizome is abused by Switch Media Chinagmai
> ----
> Hi -- As I said before, you may have a problem with Switch
> Media but that does not mean Rhizome does or Rhizome members
> do. There are too many people and too many unknowns and too
> much distance for me to remove content relating to them. I am
> interested in developing a relationship with you but Rhizome's
> practices are not to exclude organizations, especially when we
> are COMPLETELY uninvolved in the situation.
> Thanks, Rachel

Rachel claims that Rhizome is not involved, yet if Rhizome members Know a=
at all about "Switch Media" its because homepage (her article=
) featured
Switch Media. Rachel advertise a group that has the aim to be seen an art=
and as holding a Media Art Festival in Thailand, to gain funding, while t=
he authentic
Media Art Festival is actually happening on another date, location and on=
University ! ( see )

The last line of Rachel's email is a false statement and here is the proo=

> From: <>
> To:
> Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:21:28 -0800 (PST)
> Subject: stuff..
> ----
> i got Rhizome's email saying they have a new program
> in chiang mai. that stoert is a real fuck. well, he's
> time is numbered. he wouldn't want to get involved in
> any shady deals, or else they lock him up for life.

<> is a writer and a journalist. He spent years in C=
hiangmai and
recently discovered Rudolf's past- a 9 year Heroine addict, and an alcoho=

According to <> Rudolf has borrowed him a laptop, ca=
his Internet passwords and used them.

Rudolf has also a history of thefts:

In Germany he has confiscated Bank accounts, and his sole income is borro=
wing money.
He is using other people's cash cards in daily life and used his Father's=
bank account to
receive money for recent illegal jobs he did in Germany.

During his 2 month free stay at ICECA artist's in residence in Chiangmai =
he entered
other rooms in the house (without permission) and made international phon=
e calls
which he "forgot" to pay.

When he got access to internal ICECA documents, stole email contacts and =
sent false
claims to Foundation Langlois's former worker to sabotage ICECA funding a=
(That woman - A.F. since then never replayed an email from ICECA)

Rudolf was asked to refrain from relating to ICECA. And 8 weeks later, wh=
en he had
forced to leave ICECA's artist in residence, he stole bed-sheets and bed-=
covers from
the room he stayed!


Here is a letter confirming some of the above:

> ----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
> From: "Prof. Michael Bielicky" <>
> Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 22:00:22 +0700
> Subject: Re: Chiangmai
> ----
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> sorry to bother you with such a letter but I would like to correct so=
> impressions of the ugly story which was created by Rudolf Stoert (swit=
ch media) this
> year in the Chiangmai University CMU Art Museum.
> I have been again for almost three weeks in Chiangmai this summer and =
so I
> have experienced the situation from a close distance. To make it short=
the facts
> are: Mr. Stoert came to Chiangmai to help Francis Wittenberger to orga=
nize the
> "Thailand First New Media Festival". Soon Mr. Stoert started to spread=
bad rumors
> about Francis Wittenberger but still was playing the nice guy in his p=
resence. He lied
> to me, he also lied to many others about the situation and when he saw=
that Mr.
> Wittenberger had some difficulties within the Museum he just turned ag=
ainst him in a
> very coward way. He was spreading rumors about Mr. Wittenberger that h=
e is not a
> professional. The truth is that in recent years, during which Francis =
Wittenberger was
> working for many prominent new media research institutions like High T=
ech Center
> Babelsberg, ZKM Karlsruhe, Q-bus Berlin; Mr. Stoert was doing simply n=
othing ( to
> say it in a nice way!!!).
> Mr. Stoert is spreading the information that western people don't unde=
> the Thai culture but he is the only one who knows the situation (what =
an attitude!) ,
> this man has obviously double personality : he treats people who are i=
n his way like a
> right wing person and on the other side he is playing the holy Buddhis=
t role! Many of
> you know this is not the first time Mr. Stoert behaves like this! I wo=
uld not
> recommend to get involved with Rudolf Stoert for simple reason: one ca=
n save lots
> of trouble. I would like to point out that Francis Wittenberger did a =
successful Media
> Art Festival in Chiangmai which was appreciated all over the world.
> best
> Prof. Michael Bielicky
> --------------------- Original Message Ends --------------------


And what is the part of the the CMU Art Museum in all this you may ask?
For more information you are invited to examine the following:


The CMU Art Museum having a Blank page on the time period
28 March -15th April 2003 - the time when Thailand First New Media
Art Festival took place.
select year >>2003
select >> March.
note: you will NOT see any mentioning of the Festival; No catalog was
printed, web presence was removed, newspapers were ordered not
to cover the event:

Original website:
Backup website:


The CMU Art Museum withdraws from a commitment to support free of
charge new media art activities offered by the volunteer activity
of ICECA Thailand:

1st letter:

2nd Letter:
After Atimana decides to install pay-courses. His idea is to allow
Rudolf Stoert take over the ICECA New Media Festival:

3rd (Final) letter:
The Dean of fine arts removes the volunteer project ICECA
with the argument due to "budget restrictions":

More here:


"Switch Media" is the pretending replacement of ICECA in Chiangmai.
Fake claims for activities justify Rudolf's funding applications.

"Switch Media" home page was deliberately created on the same web
provider as ICECA's to simulate ICECA's credible and well promoted
web address: ORIGINAL:



So, If Rachel Greene <> takes the responsibility for a=
ll of us to
feature on Rhizome home page a fake organization, and promote without pre=
research outlaws as Rudolf Stoert or "organizations" as Switch Media, or =
such as a fake "Switch Media Art Festival" we shall ask ourselves why we =
continue to trust the Rhizome page she edits.

I expect some answer in public from Rachel Greene and maybe some more sto=
without cover from the gang in Chiangmai.

Important note about email to ICECA:
As part of CMU Art Museum director's attempt to disrupt ICECA activities =
ordered his workers to change the password on ICECA's former email addres=
The account has not been disabled, nor forwarded. Its trapping mails sent=
ICECA, and If anyone at all is reading the email arriving - it's him who =
the password! Over 20 phone calls to various departments at the university
were made to try and close the account but nothing at all happened...
ICECA home page and its traffic were also put to service of the fine arts
department. if auto forwarded to a page cont=
advertisement to the "media art design" pay courses...

And last and not least, if there is anyone out there who can inform the T=
hai ICT
Ministry to know what they are supporting, maybe more Thai student will b=
e able
to get free education in the future.

Comments please send to

Francis Wittenberger,
Founder ICECA Thailand.