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Re: Re: Re: Re: what is arcadia?

Eric, how about giving some examples of recent work that reflects your statements.


Re: Re: what is arcadia?

Here is a question. In the vein of arcadia, would either of you or anyone else out there consider the work "The Milk Project" by Esther Polak & Ieva Auzina to be pastoral, and I am not refering to the actual place but rather the ideas behind the work.


Art's Birthday celebrations

Fri Jan 19, 2007 00:00 - Fri Jan 19, 2007

As part of Videopool's art's bithday celebrations Sandee Moore, media artist and director of Video Pool media art centre, has made a Happy Birthday Mashup Mixer at:

Video Pool Media Arts Centre presents
Art’s Birthday 2007

"In honour of Art’s Birthday 2007 Video Pool will celebrate 100 Years of Radio Broadcast with live art, a sound buffet, a vintage video game lounge and radio broadcasts on CKUW 95.9 FM"

more info at:


Re: Re: conceptual morass

Robbin Murphy wrote:
I just don't hear much of anything but very
> self-indulgent jargon when it comes to "new media theory". I've been
> reading Vilem Flusser.

I am curious what of Flusser's have you been reading? I bumped into his writing last year and found it quite interesting. Alot of other theory, (north american) in media art that I have read has put forth some of the same ideas but the authors have not mentioned any of Flusser's writing in their notes.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Conference Report: Where Art Thou Net.Art? On Zero One/ ISEA 2006

Robbin Murphy wrote:

> Eric Dymond wrote:
> > Barbara London or Steve Deitz (and what did he actually accomplish?)
> To be fair, Steve did bring a knowledge of contemporary art discourse
> to the new media picnic and encouraged others to taste it at the
> Walker. Looking back with perfect hindsight vision it was probably the
> attempt to institutionalize too quickly that led to its demise. After
> all, new media already had its own established institutions that were
> more than capable of keeping the focus on the innovation needed for
> corporate support.
> Not everyone wanted to overthrow the art regime and many wanted to
> make it more accessible through new media technologies. That was the
> goal of THE THING in 1991 where there were many long and serious
> discussions on the BBS and some tentative attempts at online projects
> from its various nodes. nettime nearly collapsed in the brawls that
> ensued throwing off alternatives such as 7/11, and
> rhizome. Projects came and went as the bubble grew and burst
> and now grows again.
> At first I thought Randall Packer's essay was a fake, in true
> spirit. Now I see it as a provocation but, you know, I don't care
> enough any more to respond. The earth has turned and while I'm happy
> for the artists who have found security in their academic positions
> and participate in conferences like ISEA 2600 to bulk up their CVs my
> attention has drifted elsewhere. Really, it's like 1991 all over
> again.
> rm

I would have to agree with Robbin Murphy on the institutionalization of media arts. One has to wonder if most work is in demo mode and in the form of a conference presentation is the work succeeding (as work)?

As for Randall's quote of the blogger

"I found an insightful comment by
Molly Hankwitz, who said, "I think the process of
interaction must be done very carefully. The
worst thing is the mainstreaming of situationism
into a middle class playground.""

this is interesting to point out, and i am not sure where Randall stands on this. Having time and money seems to be necessary to participating in this playground.