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Liquid Prairie on Dispatx | Eminent Domain

Erika Lincoln's Liquid Prairie:Creeping Change is now on Dispatx

Dispatx|Show|Eminent Domain

Press Release:

New Collection | Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain examines notions of ! blockage, recourse and resistance that can emerge in diverse contexts – and what it can mean when these manifestations are channeled into artistic product.

This seventh collection of Dispatx Art Collective includes works developed by visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and performance artists. The collection, which can be seen in Show (, includes works developed online as part of the site as well as submissions of completed work related to the theme. In addition, and as a part of our ongoing investigation of curatorial practice, the Eminent Domain forum will remain open throughout the duration of this collection.

The curatorial narrative is best articulated through a correspondence between various readings. While projects such as Hospital 106 4º1ª by Jordi Canudas and Isabel Banal and Someone Called Me... by Emma Wilcox are the works which most directly address the theme at hand, projects such as Green Screen by Neil Chapman and David Stent, or Ellen Zweig


To:New York Rhizomers,

I am planning to come down to New York for the Conflux Festival this September. Any suggestions on affordable places to stay in the neighborhood would be greatly appreciated. You can email me off list, my email is on my website


Call Platform Centre for photographic and digiatal arts

Mon Jul 23, 2007 00:00

Call for Submissions - 2008/09 Programming Year

Deadline: August 15, 2007

PLATFORM: Centre for Photographic & Digital Arts invites artists, groups of artists, and curators to submit exhibition proposals for the upcoming programming year beginning May 2008.

Proposals should be directed to the Programming Committee and should include:
1) Description of proposed exhibition
2) Curriculum vitae
3) Artist statement
4) Support materials
- up to 20 slides or CD-R images (digital images must be MAC compatible, Jpeg files at 72 dpi on CD-R only)
- video NTSC compatible or DVD, max 5 minutes, cued up
- printed matter (essays, reviews, catalogues)
5) image list
6) self-addressed stamped envelope (material will not be returned if a S.A.S.E with sufficient postage is not included in submission packages)

PLATFORM is a venue for exhibition, production and education pertaining to all aspects of photo-based media. Through the creation of an interactive dialogue, we contribute to the artistic climate of regional, national, and international artists. Our primary interest regarding the exhibition of photographic projects is to showcase those artists whose work demonstrates an appropriate technical standard and challenges the aesthetic and conceptual boundaries of the medium. PLATFORM strives to showcase the scope of photographic and digital art practices, from innovations arising from the traditional print, to advances stemming from digital photographic techniques, to the outer limits where photography dissolves into other media classifications.

* * * * * * * *


Call for Submissions Videopool + Platform

Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:29

VP Call for Submissions - Still . Moving . Memory

Video Pool Media Arts Centre and Platform Centre for Photographic and Digital Arts are collaboratively seeking submissions for a solo exhibition to take place in April 2008.We are interested in work that explores the intersection, blurring and slippage between lens-based and time-based practices, in an effort to re-evaluate the aesthetic andconceptual boundaries between them.
The exhibition will be held at Platform. Please email Platform for a floor plan of the gallery. Platform Centre for Photographic and Digital Arts is an artist run centre for theexhibition, promotion, and production of photo-based art that fosters an environment ofcritical discourse for the regional, national and international arts community. Video Pool Media Arts Centre is a non-profit artist run centre dedicated to advancing the discipline of media art by providing media artists, non-profit organizations and community groups with access to professional video and media equipment, training, distribution and programming. A jury made up of programming committee members from both organizations will oversee the selection process.

Submission Requirements:

1. C.V. or artist resume including current contact information (address, telephone # and e-mail) for the
2. A short description of the project including an outline of the project’s curatorial and / or critical objectives
3. The project title
4. Project year of completion and city of origin
5. A statement indicating if the artist(s) plan to be in attendance with the work and if so in what capacity they
would expect to participate in the exhibition
6. Support Material: Please do not send originals. Video Pool and Platform will not accept responsibility for
the loss or damage to support material. - Still images should be submitted on CD- Video support material
should be NTSC and submitted on either VHS, Mini DV or DVD. - Audio support material should be
submitted on CD
7. Audio, video and image list (detailing all accompanying work)
8. Please include a S.A.S.E. if you want support material returned.

* Fees are paid in accordance with the CARFAC rate scale

Inquiries can be directed to:

Cam Hutchison
Programming Coordinator
Video Pool Media Arts Centre

email Programming Coordinator
t: (204) 949-9134 ext. 1

Please send submissions to:

Still • Moving • Memory
Programming Committee
c/o Video Pool Media Arts Centre
#300 - 100 Arthur St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3

Deadline: November 16, 2007
(submissions must be received by the deadline)


Re: Web 2.0 & IP

These are good points that are not addressed or discussed at large. I myself having been sucked into the youtube vortex, then reading the TOS after posting my material, then deleting my profile because I did not agree with the TOS.

What is interesting is that the discussions around these types of sites revolve around copyright infringement, where users are posting content that they do not have permission to post. And considering that the user (I use YouTube as an example) by agreeing to the terms of service has granted "the tube" a license to use any content posted for any way they see fit for an indeterminate time frame, the user who posts material that they do not have the rights to cannot enter into the agreement.????

So if the goal of these sites is to automatically have the right to use all content posted why do they need it? How is the data commodified or measured? is this some new economics?