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I feel like I watched a commercial, or some promo for a TV show. blech


Beyond Modern Sculpture

I just started reading Jack Burnham's Beyond Modern Sculpture:The Effects of Science and Technology on the Sculpture of this Century. 1969.
So far I like it, I am on chapter two, "The Biotic Sources of Modern Sculpture."
Is any one else reading this or have already read this? It would be great to start a discussion on this book on Rhizome, I think that lots can be said about artmaking now and some of what Burnham wrote about. (pro or anti it does not matter.)
Any takers?


Data visualization art

Where does the rice go after the exhibition? Is there any data-viz on that.


Data visualization art

Hi Ethan, I read your post, and yes I think that your points are relivant, in particular the "demo" work. Works based on novelty of a technique, I think the best way to describe work like this is illustrative, a one to one relationship, and frankly in my opinion 1:1 is boring.
I also read the first comment that was posted on your blog, and I do have to point out that as the commenter says coffee has cultural connotations that brings more to the work, and the commenter does not like the sweater or rice works. However it is not that there are not any cultural connotations with rice or sweaters only the works lack any complexity in the ideas behind them.
I hope more people read your post and respond to what you have to say because I think there is not enough discussion about "demo-ing" and what place it holds in artmaking.



Okay I have to weigh in here....many good posts on different components of determining ownership or freedom of an idea, process, product, thing. But in the following discussions things are mixed up, to follow Rob's points he starts at patents moves to copyright then ends with trademarks. One can't use these words interchangibly (sp), each are a serise of complex things. I am certainly not an expert in this area, but I do know some things, first of all,

Patents--25 years then it becomes free... as a patent owner you can sell patent (not best idea) or licence patent(smarter idea). Phillip-in patent advatage is protection I agree, but when you have laws in different countries the governements can circumvent (sp) this but changing the law, best example is pharmicuticals, some countries produce generic drugs so that people can actually afford the drugs. examples Anti-retro HIV drugs in SA and Canada's generic drugs (which some US state governments buy from Canada).
p.s patenting a process is the hardest thing to actually patent

Copyright- life of author plus 25-70 years depending on what country you are in. this is for things you produce, painting , scupture, book, music.

Trademark--a brand or a name of a product or buisness, one cannot trademark words, but can a phrase or a made up word.

There are more, personality rights, ect. Law is a complex thing but to say that it is evil is not fair and a simplified response. I think that as an artist one should be aware of all of these things that does not mean be an expert.