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Do artists have special status? In some of the posts there seems to be an attitude that somehow artists are above the law. Is it that some artists think that they operate in some parallel universe outside of the social contract?


Interface design in the city

This morning on my usual early bus ride to work I encountered an example of screwy interface design on the bus. Let me preface by noting the wonderful temperature outside this morning, -35 C and with the windchill it is -46 C. (the temp relates to the interface) I was siting on one of the new bus designs by New Flyer. The bus manufacture is located in Winnipeg so the city gets the new buses for demos (I think). So there I am all bundeled up on the bus as are all the other riders, and I start to notice that no one can open the back doors to get off the bus. What is the problem, the door sensor!!! everyone is so covered in hats, scarves, mits, gloves, masks, giant parkas that no skin is showing. what type of sensor are they using on the door....heat. So everyone is pushing on the door with no success, in my brilliance I yell out "take off your gloves and put your hand under the sensor!!" et voila the door she open!.

I started thinking how technology can separate us from or environments even when the point is to aid us, or more blunty the stupid designs that dont take into account how people opperate in the world. heat sensors in the winter...stupid!!
After I got over that internal rant I also started to think about the "general public", meaning people who use techonogy everyday but are not interested in what or how the tech works. Is there a bigger gap between those who build and those who use? Are most people going about there days oblivioius to their intergration with technology? Are engineers and designers to blame by hiding the interfaces too well or is the public to blame for not noticing?
Does it matter?
Anyone have any other goofy interface stories?



Thanks for the explanation MarkDavid, I understand what your goal is now. I sure would like to see/experience the piece in person. What happens exactly when the viewers interact, how do they change or alter the work. It is not clear in the description of the piece.



I had a look at the images from the website, the piece is a beaut, I am enticed and seduced.
Although my question is does it even need to be responding to the views in the gallery? The fact that it is making visual and auditorial patterns from solar activity and nuclear processes I think is enough. and yes I know i have not experienced the piece only the images from the website, and it would be different in person. but maybe, just maybe the data from the viewers is a layer that is not needed. just a thought
I still really like the piece.



Funny, as I was walking to work this morning I was thinking about responding to Vijay's post.

For me the questions you ask Vijay are hard to answer, underground in relation to the net...if you post in the net does anyone read?
Is an event underground if the actors are saying 'I operate in the "underground"..'
Does location matter to activities on the net? Chinese bloggers, and government policies=location.
Vijay you had said you live in Texas, does living in a somewhat geographical centre of the continent rather on either coast isoloate you? I ask this because I live in Manitoba center of Canada which is often overlooked in relation to both coasts here. My point being is one underground because no one is looking?

Another thing is that to have an underground one must have dominant order from which one deviates from. To me this is the most interesting part about naming things like underground.

Marc, I like your response about the lack of posts to Vijay's questions being more telling than any answers given.