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"To me it really seems like the newer net art is more about processing cultural input than it is about the dimensions and the possibilities of the web. Frames and hypertext, code and generative art, Mille Plateau and Rhizomes; that's all very interesting things concerning the concepts of mediated perception. But to me the stuff which is going on today is more about presets and terms of mainstream perception."

I am happy to read your take on this, and I think it applies to media art in general, not only net art. I think you have hit the major shift, rather than a utopic fields of 'possibiliy' works are dealing with actualites. I would go as far as to say that 1000 plateaux et al. really needs a holiday.


I'm reluctant

erik no no no he is not reluctant
Eric is re·cal·ci·trant




Liquid Prairie

Morning, afternoon, evening, rhizomectriks.

I would like to invite everyone to visit a new work of mine. It is a web project using google maps and quicktime videos along with a disjointed narrative text.

The work documents a set of walks I made in 2007 along an engineered floodway.

You can comment either here on rhizome or on the comment blog that is on the site.

P.S Curt, I don't think you are going to like this, in light of your non-manifesto. But visit anyways.