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Send and Receive V.11

Sun Feb 15, 2009 00:00


Calling all Sound and Media Artists!

Deadline February 15th, 2009

send + receive is an annual audio
art festival showcasing current and
newly emerging areas of investigation
in a variety of forms including live
performance, radio, web-based
projects, internet streaming projects,
sound poetry, installations, film and
video screenings, workshops, and
panel discussions.


Stuttgart Filmwinter fesitval for expanded media

hi Rhizomers,
Is anyone attending the Stuttgart festival this Jan.22-25? I will be over there hanging out for the week come up a say hi. My web project Liquid Prairie is part of the festival.



High Networkism and Network Postmodernism

Hey Curt, Max, et al

On the topic of science studies there was a series on CBC Radio called "How to think about science"
It featured 20 or so interviews on such topics as you brought up about Latour, moderism and it's effects on thought processes particularly in scientific research.
Quite an interesting series.
here is a list of the interviews/interviewees

Episode 1 - November 14 - Simon Schaffer
Episode 2 - November 21 - Lorraine Daston
Episode 3 - November 28 - Margaret Lock
Episode 4 - December 5 - Ian Hacking and Andrew Pickering
Episode 5 - December 12 - Ulrich Beck and Bruno Latour
Episode 6 - January 2 - James Lovelock
Episode 7 - January 9 - Arthur Zajonc
Episode 8 - January 16 - Wendell Berry
Episode 9 - January 23 - Rupert Sheldrake
Episode 10 - January 30 - Brian Wynne
Episode 11 - February 21 - Sajay Samuel
Episode 12 - February 27 - David Abram
Episode 13 - March 5 - Dean Bavington
Episode 14 - March 12 - Evelyn Fox Keller
Episode 15 - March 19 - Barbara Duden and Silya Samerski
Episode 16 - April 9 - Steven Shapin
Episode 17 - April 16 - Peter Galison
Episode 18 - April 23 - Richard Lewontin
Episode 19 - April 30 - Ruth Hubbard
Episode 20 - May 7 - Michael Gibbons, Peter Scott, & Janet Atkinson Grosjean
Episode 21 - May 28 - Christopher Norris and Mary Midgely
Episode 22 - June 4 - Allan Young
Episode 23 - June 11 - Lee Smolin
Episode 24 - June 18 - Nicholas Maxwell

All the episodes are avalible for download either from itunes or the cbc site.


Write In Candidate

Eric, I would like to announce my availability as a running mate.
I have not shot any moose, but I have killed one dear with a car and I have run over many a prairie dog. I own a pick up but not a snowmobile. I am not a beauty queen but I did have the best snatch in 56kg weight class western canada for three years running. (my clean and jerk was weak). My public office record is as follows, Secretary:Ace ARt, Vice-President:VideoPool, Board Member:TooManyTimes.
Running a country is similar to running artist run centres, both require strong cat herding skills.
I have no children, but I do have dust elks living in my house. I do practice vaccum abstinence, but the elks seem to be multiplying on their own accord ( I divest any responsibility on this matter and leave it up to Odin)


background research

Curt, nice finds. especially Brian derosia's