Erika Fortner
Since 2009

Erika Fortner began her training and career at the internationally renowned California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA, where she attended the CSSSA (California State Summer School for the Arts- Innerspark) honors art program awarded to the top artists in the state. During that time, she received various awards including the Seal of California, Honorable Mentions from the U.S. Senate. Some of her works were published in the Back Alley Arts Magazine while a collection of her paintings debuted in a 2004 film released under The Asylum Production Company. She continued her training by becoming a digital animator while continuing her families business in high-end cabinetry and finishing. After leaving California, Erika attended the highly respected Pratt Institute of Fine Arts to obtain her BFA in Painting. There she was recognized on the President’s List and included in many collegiate shows, exhibited at Medium NYC in Chelsea, and had her first solo exhibit in September 2008 with the Terra Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, Erika is painting out of Berlin, Germany, and works for Julie Mehretu as a Finish Consultant and Artist Assistant.