Eric Dymond
Since the beginning
Works in Toronto Canada

Eric Dymond is an artist who works with many tools and programming languages.
He graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a BFA in studio.<br />
He exhibited paintings in Toronto, Detroit, New York, Montreal and London during the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. The paintings were created with sandblasted sprays employing formal themes from the history of painting (still life's , individual portraits, traditional landscapes) . These series appear minimal with repeating content and are a form of Serialism.
In the early 1990's he began working with digital media, building perl programs with TCL/TK, web sites (see the doorway on Leonardo) and stand-alone applications.
He continues working in all media, rejecting specialization.
A brief timeline :
1976-On View -first exhibition held by Visual Arts Ontario
1977-One person show-Gallery 567
1978-One person show-Nancy Pooles Studio
1978-Group Exhibition-Habatat Galleries,Detroit,Michigan
1979-One Person Show-Habatat Galleries,Detroit,Michigan
1979-Young Realists, London Regional Gallery
1979-One Person Show-Nancy pooles Studio
1980-New Artists-London Regional Gallery
1980-O.A.C.-group juried show
1981-One Person show-Nancy Pooles studio
1982-Group exhibition-Honey Sharp Gallery-Tanglewood,Mass.
1983-One Person show-Nancy Pooles studio
1983-Group Exhibition-Adam Gimbel Gallery-New York,N.Y.
1984-One Person Show-Grimsby Public Gallery
1985-One Person Show-Nancy Pooles studio
1985-One Person Show-Gallery 1667-Halifax,N.S.
1987-One Person Show-Kitchener Waterloo Public Gallery
1988-Group Exhibition-Market Gallery,Toronto
1990-Two person show-Brampton public Gallery
1990-One Person Show-Quan Schieder Gallery
1991-CD-Rom interacive/Philips Corp.
1991-Group Exhibition-Robert Kidd Gallery-Detroit,Michigan
1993-Group Exhibition-Market Gallery
1993-Marilyn (perl/tk)
1994-One Person Show-Schieder and Associates
1995-Group Exhibition-Bau-Xi Gallery
1996-The doorway (
1997-Newmail ( part of Iceflow, the Images festival of Independent Film Toronto
1997.1998,1999,2001 - , see archives.
see my Rhizome portfolio and Furthfield for current web works and writings.

Numerous public and private collections in Canada and the United States.
City of Toronto
McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London Ontario
London Public Library, London Ontario
Kitchener Waterloo Public Gallery
Algoma Public Gallery
Kamloops Public Gallery
College of Physicians and Surgeons (Ontario)
Connor and Clark
Royal Lepage

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Genius 2000: A New Network

Is this now vapour? Max where did it go, all we have left is:



experience using bluetooth

you could also take a look at Java FX and netbeans sdk:
they have sample apps as well


Sleeping with Nietzche's sister again

Sleeping with Nietzche's sister

Well hardly a night goes by when we don't think of that incredible
adventure in Bavaria. it was a cool dry autumn day when we decided to
exhume the body of (Eleisabeth) Willhelmena Nietzche. From all accounts she was a
difficult woman. Driving her brother to despair and her husband to
bankruptcy. Claiming to all the world that it was she who had penned her
brothers works. The ground was easily upturned and waiting for us at the
bottom of the pit was the disintegrated body of dearly departed
Willelmena. With guile as our ally we made it back to the Hotel

Evening was fast upon us but our work kept our senses keen and sharp.
Our goal was to revive the long dead woman and ask her some questions
about fraud and forgery. We needed advice from her and Enid called her
the greatest fraud in the history of Western Philosophy. We were seeking
the advice of a sage! Our own fraudulent schemes always turned on us.The
latest adventure in Italy had left us numb and afraid. Who would have
guessed belladonna could have such long term effects.

The work continued through the night as Enid unwound the wires to the
terminals we had installed. I arranged the body on the testing table
making sure all of her was where it was supposed to be. At the stroke of
midnight a thunderous clap of lightning illuminated the trees outside.
As weary as I was the excitement sent hot,frothing foam to my mouth.
Enid just smiled. "Be patient my dear...,soon,very soon.."

The genetic restorer hummed and crackled,Enid smiled again and threw the
switch. An incredible wail resounded throughout the Hotel. On the table
before us arose the living corpse of Nietzche's Sister. Dumbfounded she
looked around the room. "Who are you?" she screamed. Trying our best to
calm the woman we gave her a stiff injection of Cognac. Her eyes swelled
then her fearful expression subsided. A coy,tartish look came over her
face. "Oooo, Ahhhh,you are splendid specimen of masculinity. It's been
nearly a century but...," At this point my memory begins to fail me.
There was something about the moving corpse that struck a nerve. The
next morning I awoke in the cemetery,dressed in pink satin and pearl
encrusted drapery. The infamous fraud had struck again. My wallet was
missing,Enid gone(she left a note saying she was off to exhume Rimbaud's
right leg) and a sooty deposit beneath my finger nails. I often sit in a
melancholy state trying to remember what happened. Neitzche's sister was
never seen again,how I long for her cold,dry embrace.

Sometimes Art amd Technology come together in ways we haven't anticipated.