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Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Media Arts for the ICA Web Site

As the curator responsible for this call for submissions, I felt I had to respond to this thread, to try to clarify a few points and raise a couple of questions.

The open call for submissions is a new idea and is an experiment.
I wanted to be able to promote new artists who use digital technology as a medium for their art work and who have not been able to show their work on a public gallery space.

The call was for artists to submit work that they have already created or are close to completing. It’s not a request for artists to create something from scratch specifically for the ICA.

We are happy for the artists to show their work elsewhere after it has been promoted on the ICA web site and indeed for them to show it on their own web site while it is on the ICA web site. All we are asking is that the work submitted hasn’t been shown on a public gallery web site before.

We want to be able to keep a copy of the work so that we can keep an archive of the work we have shown on the ICA web site. As much for our records as anything else. What, if anything, is the alternative to this?
As a point of interest, I have had artists complain when their work or evidence of an exhibition is no longer available on our web site as they use it as part of their CV or Resume - evidence that they have shown work in a public gallery.

This call for submissions is an initiative that runs in parallel with commissioned work both online and in the gallery space at the ICA. Commissioned work does have a fee attached.

A fee for artists for this open call is unaffordable at this time. However we are offering support in terms of marketing the artist and their work via the ICA web site and usual ICA marketing channels. I had hoped that this would be seen as an opportunity by up and coming artists to further their career.

We do not ask artists to pay a fee to submit their work. Would asking for a fee to submit work in order to offer a nominal prize be more acceptable to artists?

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Kind regards
Emma Quinn,
Director of Live and Media Arts, ICA