Elliot Lessing
Since 2007
Works in San Francisco United States of America

Elliot Lessing is an Independent Curator and Interdisciplinary Artist. Since 2000, Elliot has curated and launched over 300 dynamic art exhibitions and contemporary public projects for diverse audiences of all ages. His projects involve Contemporary Artists from around the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Paris, Mexico, Glasgow, Dublin, Oslo, Belfast, Chicago, Boston, Maryland, Spain, Vancouver and Norway. Elliot has over 15 years of delivering extraordinary art experiences and dependable arts leadership, which include being Curator for an apartment gallery (ART HUT/living room identity crisis) and an artist-run non-profit art space (BUILD). In addition to being a Guest Curator for a variety of experimental and independent art spaces, Elliot was also Founder and Curator for COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art, a seasonal curatorial platform devoted to presenting visionary public art projects for outdoor spaces. Currently, he curates cutting-edge exhibitions and adventurous public projects across the US and beyond, igniting a dazzling array of memorable cultural experiences that spark vibrant links between art and public life.

I produce project-based cultural programming that energizes personal experience of public space, while creating new precincts of art, community and knowledge.

My goal is to renew a sense of meaningful connectivity to the world around us. I do this by launching brave and original public projects that combine a colorful array of visual art, cultural information and community resources. Many of my projects include Contemporary Artists from around the globe, and may involve participants and forms that exist outside or on the threshold of the arts field. The results provide a fun and participatory art experience that is both accessible and challenging to wide audiences.

Through an elegant combination of innovative artistic strategies, vibrant public projects and expanded educational resources, I am able to inspire community involvement, spark person-to-person dialogue and broaden cultural awareness of a myriad of possibilities regarding art and public life.

Elliot Lessing, Independent Curator and Interdisciplinary Artist




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minutopia: new actualities for a new world

Sat May 31, 2008 00:00

Global Call!

minutopia: new actualities for a new world
Call for new 1-minute silent documentaries of your region.
Postmark Deadline: May 31, 2008


COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art presents

minutopia: new actualities for a new world

project summary
"minutopia: new actualities for a new world" celebrates the magic and mystery of our viewable world through new artist-made documentaries that creatively explore in minutiae the familiar marvels of our contemporary age. Extending the rich legacy of cinema’s earliest documentary achievements, these new “actualities” offer vivid examples of the hidden poetry and lyricism found in our waking life. Crowds, street-scenes, animals, tasks, transportation, nature, art and architecture - plus curious oddities and events all unfold to offer unexpected insight or passing fancy to audiences of all ages.

more details and guidelines



Open Skies - Call for Proposals

Mon Feb 12, 2007 15:52

Dear Arts Professionals,

Please consider and share this Call for Proposals with your network of artists, colleagues, alumni, and students. The Call is fee-free and open to San Francisco and US-based artists. See details below. Contact COCA with any questions. Thank you.

**Note: International-based artists will be considered. Please contact COCA for details.

Elliot Lessing, Executive Director
COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art


The invitation is OPEN!
COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art in partnership with Neighborhood Parks Council invites you to help ignite our debut 2007 season with your dazzling vision!

We are happy to announce our Call for Proposals for our citywide event

Open Skies: The New Public Spirit Informing Today’s Artists
October 19-21, 2007
3 Days - 10 San Francisco Parklands - 15 Contemporary Artists

Open Skies is a Contemporary Arts Festival that celebrates the spirit of wonder, renewal and creative social action through artist-driven public projects that activate public space and community resources.

Open Skies unites up to 15 Contemporary Artists with 10 San Francisco neighborhood parks to deliver extraordinary site-specific projects for community members of all ages.

Additional artist-driven Park Discovery Tours, Open Skies Artist Workshops, special events, and educational materials highlight our public spaces as living outdoor classrooms - transforming Open Skies into a welcoming community enrichment project.

Combined, Open Skies offers an opportunity for families, community members, and city visitors to enjoy a rich synthesis of inspiring artistic visions, dynamic educational programming, and constructive civic engagement.

COCA seeks ambitious proposals for temporary site-specific projects of all media. Please view this link for Proposal Guidelines, Criteria, Park Sites, and complete project details:


COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art
PO BOX 170115, San Francisco, CA 94117
email: openskies1@gmail.com

Open Skies is presented by COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art in partnership with Neighborhood Parks Council

COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art is dedicated to exploring new standards of artistic excellence while advancing the public’s imagination regarding contemporary art, public life, and community development

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for families, individuals, and city visitors through dynamic artist-driven public projects and culturally spirited educational programming

Elliot Lessing, Executive Director

COCA Center for Outdoor Contemporary Art
everything is possible