Edwin VanGorder
Since 2010
Works in Madison, Wisconsin United States of America

I am a cyber drawing artist interested in building my archives as my art form which integrates trace both in the sense of genuine movement and prosody as well as the sense of semiotic blending which creates unusual architectures out of drawing as a cross-disciplinaric rhetoric or morphogenic agency of becoming.
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M->Orphic Journal Sept vol 1

M->Orphic Journal vol 1

This journal focuses on the observation that in the machine age the hand is an extension of the mechanical per Braque... the relation between Braque's sense of machinae within the precedents he relates to in his writing by putting Heraclitus into his own words becomes a metaphor for the transubstantiation of the artist as a normative microcosm within a nature as sublime apprehension to the in-the-works personae which invades this realm to a discourse now substantial to a virtual drawing zine of motion sensor transcription is the mood here.

Artistic proof as cortical integration of the semiotic environment made visible through the computer art environs of thought experiment are proof not of or between premise to conjecture but rather that virtuality in and of itself mediating as it were phenonmenon, nouomenon and noema as morphogenic to principle. With Aristotle the premise that ther e should be principle in essence actual the realm of the thing done Latin agere which parses “act” (auguer-augur forsee and engrave-agree) and topologically agreement, war(guerre) as the root of energia as well, the formative agency. Therefore a target zone as it were of 1-phenomenon as emergent reading of sense, semiotic an somatic embedding,2- of noumenon as that then thing in itself pertaining to energy and principle (morphogenic spectrum of the topological) meet of these dialectics the discursive tonic of 3-noema, variance, upon which then discourse is that of mode built upon ongoing experience, better put- of the conditions of experience out of which experience builds experience out of experience.
The” target” as an art object has an inbuilt coherence in that typically the black or white center representing the value scale are surrounded by the more floating color spectrum –the chromatic scale.. therein a kind of symbolizing of objective and subjective energies which with with Duchamp’s Anemic Cinema the phenomenological targeting of the senses to the cultural psyche of emergent technology- ie concentric circles with puns overwritten place on phonograph record so that the writing symbolizing the essence of the phonograph as phenomenological to speech sound and the oscillating of the color fields carrying the association to Berenson;s “oscillation” between the subjective and objective zones of dialectic interpelation and interpolation… are discursive targets… another is represented in the following Journal by a reference to a Katzenjammer Kids cartoon archived by The Brooklyn Museum of Art in which a stop light is discussed as it changes, and the black and white scale related to the lights going out…
The target has as well, a Pre-Socratic resonance to our associations with the Dyonesian and Apollonian inferences forwarded by Nietzsche which stem of Orphic topologies of the bow and lyre, famously renditioned by Heraclitus, and the logos , the report of sense, of sites of sense are maintained to logos as pertaining to XHX –hu : the roar of the crowd or Dawn: Aurora and the aural thus the conflation to “appeiron” or the over all field of meaning. This Orphism indeed receives that formal appellation to the target in the personae of Delauney- the aptly named Apollinaire bestowing upon him the movements name “Orphism” ….(what could be more Apollinaire?)
In the following journal the discursive nature of computer art in my own approach builds upon the computer loop as the topology of aperception, using architectural cognates to create something like Cyclopean Arches built into the loop, an associativity with the reflex arc and cognitive intetration made to artistic proof.
Part of the series involve an overwriting of drawing on writing…. In which the gradients of language compare the overwriting of the ‘Palimpsest” with associations of virtuality in computer associations to traditional material vectors of experience reflected within a resulting prosodic character of determination…
Another endeavor involves the mental machinae of discourse traceable to Heraclitus of “the path of the carding wheel is both crooked and straight”- which carries the weight of the evolution of the computer from color looms in the 17 century inventing punch cards- soon to be the player piano and then computer program… the specific avenue is a comparison of Braques notebooks in which he put Heraclitus in his own words… with the original source in order to get a feeling for the program, out of which cubism certainly generated the Venn diagrams and Boolean sets: union, intersection and opposition which drive the morphological arrow to target.


Sept. M->Orphic Journal: Accelerator Particle


In this journal the relation of mental schemae to virtuality are posed in the cover drawing as an inverse of the particle accelerator:now an accelerator particle- cyber drawing mark itself in the motion sensor medium which borrow the realm of thought experiment where science and technology cannot perform to match the macro and micro scale in terms of physical experiment but must use such experiment which connects mental machinae to technology, tuche as the root indicating touching upon the subject:syllepsis, in fact: creating the subject.
The following inventions and interventions source motion sensor drawing which build a kind of Cyclopean Arch structure building the virtuality of material to mental associations of drawing inroads on morphogenic ephemera in which the mark, the particle translates and interacts with themes of the self mapping, or torus of conceiving form topological to material associations of usage, intersection, opposition and union of rhizome and trope discovered to the syllepsis of the cyber loop and its translations of nature, neurological model of semiotics, and dialectic according to the transgression and contingency of time as heuristic, labyrinthin and monumental, space as object driven, dialectic, and recoil at the removes of diverse flavors of virtuality and its extensions towards a potential neo structuralism of philosophy.


In-Situ Virtuality: August M->Orphic Journal Vol 2


The transformation of the reproductive content of Benjamin's time is within the site to site denominations of scholar and art archives a transformed environment.
This issue looks at three art scholars, Tod Cronan, Mieke Bal, and Amanda Wong and the way they relate towards the language dimension Smithson defines as a "collection of sites" in their modes which vary between performative, immersive-social sciences and personalizations of the content that evades context yet structures conflux and recognises simulacrae in variety. Towards these indications I accordingly structure a response within my own art.


M->Orphic Journal August vol 2

The idea to develop for next Rhizome M->Orphic Journal is a “transference” of the Rhizome-Trace ( Tracey-Drawing Research network) inter Institutional Critique- towards the Archilovers zine space which I like to build in. The Structure created towards that space has to do with using the inner fold of the virtual sketchbook I indicate as having a kind of columnar quality I can kind of build around. In relation to this is the use of a slope, a combination of the ramp like origins of city walls, and the hipped roof as a kind of plastic ensemble that can course levels. This then is the “slippage- throwness- therebeing.
These interpenetrations stem from Boulle and Ledoux which as a pair have a trace-rhizome dialectic. The seemingly bland idea of symmetry Davincinci largely emphasized in his architectural denomination is actually a form of terribilitas, self centeredness as recognizing the human construct of perception as precisely that. This hand he contributes to Mannerism is that of the first architects mentioned in which the poetics of space that devolve from the picturesque or recognitions towards an abstract topology in the tropes of reference yield momentum to an underlying poiesis, a kind of open space to consider the bloodedness morphogenic to Primeval chaos.
The computer vocabulary of a loopage I maintain in carpentry cognates touches upon an Orphic origin which often arrive to written analysis at a moment of recognizing that In Duchamp's Anemic Cinema there is no room for Post Modern Mourning- the room dreams the dreamer . In that work the “report” or logos of the “record” (literally a phonograph record with a visual domain developed of visual spirals linking the aural and the aura)… and so of ten Anemic Cinema is considered the pivotal moment of an art-language architecture.
My works are not terribly symmetrical but they do seem to take a kind of target motif to a wayward journey that meets the morphological arrow ( sets of topographical information).


Cyber-Interactive Architectureshttp://www.archilovers.com/stories/8721/fragments-of-the-target.html http://www.archilovers.com/stories/8722/

The link is to a an architectural zine site I like to use as a building site, using the environment there as a zone for structuring a response visually- within an information architecture.