Edwin VanGorder
Since 2010
Works in Madison, Wisconsin United States of America

VanGorder's work has been exhibited in group and solo show accross the US including Sonia Zaks Gallery in Chicago, The State Administration building for the Wisconsin Arts Board, the Pauahi Gallery in Hawaii, Oakwood Nursing Home in Madison,Gwathmey/Siegel architects in NY, OK Harris graduate show for Parsons and 2 successive group shows at Parsons after graduation
Vans work begins with brush drawings photographed in near environments then integrated to the computer using the scrolling theme shared between a a drawing improvisation out of Asian timber framing and computer generative process.
The works often have a source in book art which can be found at the link on resume. The www.drawingontrope.com site for his works contains more imagery and text in the blog section.
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zu tauschen den Schutzhund at PPOW and REFERENCE Art Gallery

As quickly as I was bewildered everything fell into place , the show has an aha quality that is also provocative. The Detail alien has a resonance for me in relaying both the topography of computer building that is more than formal and relating also something of the homoerotic otherness of Donatellos outreach that finds its other in art as love in the clime of its time and is currently as terestial as ever while the Iphonomene Specific Object wasnt bad either ( I don't think) The Breeding of drawings showcases the strangenes by which the Queens collection made diplomatic channels upon Ingres shore and again, there you are.
The nice thing about our time is a show like this creates a kind of personal nicety in its overall gesture in the age of mechanical aporia while the specific art does manage to emerge however unpredictably in hyper elastic contexts.


PARTY FOOD (2006-Ongoing) - Joseph Gillette

I enjoyed the very complex topography of the work which begins at the end, contrasting movement as motion and movement as entirely within a static object.In the rest of the work the state of information context was dramatically more interesting than a "thematic " approach. The inevitable contrast of edge to center information network was interestingly relayed in contrasting centers in motion generating a still via spatial consequence, and centers stable surrounded by inquisitive space, all of which dialectic subsumes to variable release to new states of mind and place.


Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media

The review in its sympathy for history according to multi textual resourcefullness finds , implicitly restates, the traditional openendedness that is this approaches decisive signature. But it has been upon me for some time to wonder...whether the successfull deconstructing away of the idea of "essential" constructions as being only quasi informed does not in turn perhaps yield a question as to the origins of intuition. I am not convinced by the wake and trough of activity that surround the opening of this book according to the reviewers take intuition and by this I mean the older perceptions of wholenesss accruing within perception of perception have not become confused and tangled threads of critical editing of approach modes