Edwin VanGorder
Since 2010
Works in Madison, Wisconsin United States of America

I am a cyber drawing artist interested in building my archives as my art form which integrates trace both in the sense of genuine movement and prosody as well as the sense of semiotic blending which creates unusual architectures out of drawing as a cross-disciplinaric rhetoric or morphogenic agency of becoming.
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Nov M->Orphic Journal v.2 There is Virtuality and Then ...

Language is an art object in and of itself, three dimensional via projection conditioned by the internal valences of transference and in the virtual media of cyber drawing this journal touch on the Raft of the Medusa as a raster of drawings looking here in mediating ousia ( Greek ontological essence­ virtuality)... i.e. scrolling conflux to a torus.


Chimera In Camera Simulacrae Ex Camera

Semiotic values of art issues of identity usage and being within projections and compression of aura array and zone.


Cutting the Sublation Knots of Virtuality

I-mediate: Artist’s Post Statement
Hegel: Sublation, smaller structure contained within one that subsumes it, synthesizes it. Incomplete destruction in which is partially maintained the mirroring within of the antithetical. Horismus, definition, anti thetical by negation, litotes the negation of the negation. Apakoinu construction lexical diversion within term divides over members of a clause or pair of clauses. Means to pick up, as in to keep, or then again to use, as antithesis or antinony (nome: or gnomon as in carpenters square: that by which things are known) there fore of throwness, as the psychological term is… ject is the root meaning to throw pertaining then to subject- throw under- interject throw in- object throw in the way, interject- throw between, tracjector- throw across-deject throw under, conjecture throw together…. In relation than to “guage” of language meaning a pledge… as an object left behind in escrow… an “account”…
Bohme the physicist opines “ levate” towards relevant , levate meaning to raise to view and his rhea mode (flux) meaning to raise to view again was a raising to a high horizon, as in astronomy compared then to the raising to view implicit of sublation from floor to level… His title was Wholeness and the Implicate Order….Emile Benviniste related the positional prepositions, on, above etc as giving the somatic view of the semiotic… I view such morphemes as “if” correspondingly to act as levers in relation object subject transposal by which the Berensonian oscilation rounds out the term, gives the conditional clauses by which experience builds experience. The dialectical modes are pairs, another level of approach is the triad as syllogism introduced particularly as rhetoric by Aristotle, Ethos Pathos and Dialectic, with discourse a meta level projected by these as a better fourth. That we create our own experience, and the being of being as being are results primarily of Kant critiquing Hegel towards his famous assimilation: “the conditions of experience are simultaneously the conditions of the objects of experience”…. In which then the idea of simulacrae flatten the paradox implicit of dialectical mode. “Oscilation” gives dimension to the flattening, provides the conditions then of experience. First however it must be seperatied from the idea of transpose, Hegel then pre emptied the pretentious idea of figure ground relations mapping the subject and object in which it was posited one can only see figure, or ground, in alternation, obviously absurd- any one looking only at the wall would still distinguish on questioning , what objects accompanied it because we do as Hegel showed integrate perception which as reading is phenomenological and maintains therein the somatic within the semeiotic.Artaud in Cruel Cinema worked against all civilized veneers in order to project a deeper guerilla intuition, while in Anemic Cinema Duchamp reversed the idea in a sublation by which the siting of language, its targeting of sites, returns to Orphic sources of the aura as distributed over sight and sound. Freud directly formed the idea of the drive on Hegel, and the complex mirroring by which a process must reach outside its system at some point… (a death instinct)..
In the pursuant host of structures in art giving the viewer an edge or leverage within which rather than an after affect are the works simulacrae, specialization not then of a member but rather the whole species invited in…and others too, algae, you name it…we actually arrive in the contemporary age at the interesting condition which the archiving activity of the artist adds another meta layer….
Immediacy: I mediate…


Notes for C4RD

The following show the general ideas for a project for C4Rd who are interested in projects relating movement and drawing. For me this begins with realizing the complexity behind Pollock's observation on his art being nature: in that the semiotic condition of realizing nature is both signifier and signified within the patterning structure by which we read, but also construct our experience including nature.

In cyber drawing, the virtual realm gives an automatic metaphysics to a world that invented technology as the opposite of metaphysics. Within the labyrinth of these interrupted premises there accrues perception of time as compressed, and the cyber loop becomes the lemma who's apperception as dilemma courts the multiplicity of sitings which are language. More specifically the language of art becomes apparent in realizing the necessity of thought experiment.