I am a final semester Media Studies student at New School, NY. My back round is on consumer goods Marketing and TVC production.
Academically I studied Economics and Business in the UK and then lived and worked in London, Paris and Prague.
In my last job as a TVC producer in Greece I got alerted by the obvious digital shift in the Media industry, an area that I felt I did not understand and was intimidated by it. I had worked with a couple of New School graduates, whose way of thinking I valued and this is how I was introduced to the degree.
A year and a half after, my orientation is on digital strategy when it comes to Marketing and Advertising. I am particularly interested in people, tracing behaviors, reaching audiences, building communities and matching successfully relevant demand with supply.
I am fascinated by the balancing (or imbalanced) dynamics between the mediated and the "live". In my ideal world the first enhances the experience of the second rather than taking it over.