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Since 2006

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being Edie Sedgwick

It's crazy though.
Being me.
As Edie Sedgwick I get to say and do things that supermale would envy.
I can cross the Himalayas in a jump.
Build snow people on Kilamanjaro.
Melt mad snow people on the crowns of the Andes.

But I can't stop an artist from getting hit by bolts of lightning on the pampas of Argentina in a novel by Cesar Aira.

Where is it that we call home?

remember me



I'm the newest Edie Sedgwick


But you know, when we were doing it before, it was new.
But these days, you're all kinda old and grizly, sorry, but you're not beautiful at all, except for Marisa and Lauren and the funny guy Max.
What happened to the mess that was new media. It seems so organized and bland now.
Oh well, it's all good. Could Cary Peppermint and Cory Arcangel meet me at Max's? Could all of you just send me complements and candy?
Edie jr.